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  1. quote: Originally posted by Seb: your PS2 CAN output Dolby Digital and DTS, but you have to set it up for that. Look in your user's manual, and be sure NOT to have a game CD in the console when trying to access those advanced menus. Took me a while to figure out! SSX Tricky is awesome in DTS... Oh wow, thanks! At first I assumed that the PS2 would just act like a normal DVD player and output DD automatically. Probably a lot of other ppl using it as their DVD player doesn't know this as well... anyhow I just changed the settings to enable both DD and DTS on my PS2. The bass is noticeably louder and more active in DD than in ProLogic 2 at the same volume level! I have to say however, that ProLogic 2 is pretty good too for turning stereo sound into a multichannel experience. SSX Tricky, you say?... I don't have it unfortunately, but I will try to get it!
  2. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with everyone how excited I am to get my little home theatre finally setup, right in my 13'x15' bedroom! Front: SB-2 Center: SC-1 Surround/Rear: SB-2 Subwoofer: KSW-12 Receiver: Harman Kardon 520 TV: Toshiba 24AF41C DVD: Sony Playstation 2 Other: Nintento GameCube, Sega Dreamcast Wow, I'm playing Phantasy Star Online ver.2 with Dolby Pro Logic II emulation and it rocks! Also, I may end up buying a real DVD player with progressive scan because my receiver detects the signal from PS2 as PCM and it won't allow Dolby Digital or DTS with that signal, so I'm watching movies using the Pro Logic II movie emulation setting right now. It's great to see so many other Klipsch enthusiasts here giving each other advice and support. My first introduction to Klipsch was their ProMedia v.2-4000 speaker system I got for my computer and I've been a fan ever since. When I watch movies now (like my favourite Superbit DVD: The Fifth Element) I literally shake my house! Cheers!
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