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  1. Klipsch Reference 5.1 Theater Pack and Quintet iii using Quintet for Dolby Atoms put these behind my Q80T at the top pointing upward
  2. Thx looking forward to receiving some great knowledge on these spreakers
  3. Hoping to get good sound the Onkyo I can set each spreakers Crossover the spreakers that came with the AVR I wasn't getting good Vocals and the system the antenna that the AVR uses set the Crossover on those spreakers and when I started to read about the Crossover and adjusted them the Vocals got alot better so that's why I purchased these klipsch Spreak because reviews said these are good for All sound and Vocals
  4. Just bought the Klipsch Reference Theater Pack 5.1 using the with my Onkyo R495 AVR I'm replacing the spreakers that came with my Ht-S5910 system also using Quintet iii Satellite speakers for Dolby Atoms which I was going to put behind my Samsung Q80T at the top pointing up to the ceiling I sit about 13ft from the center spreaker. Want to know the correct Crossover setup Thx JJR64
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