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  1. I also just ordered the 500SA and running into your same exact problems. I think the keyhole is just a blank keyhole with no threading. I wish they made it with a key hole and the threaded part as an Option behind the keyhole. I ordered a mount off amazon that was made for a threaded screw. My idea is to see if I can get a small nut back in the keyhole and thread the screw in to catch and hold it. Of course this is all an idea and If the nut cant fit back there I just wasted money on useless mounts lol. I’m also in between on placement positions. Either front heights or overhead heights (but off to the wall, my space is a perfect square room). I would not feel safe ceiling mounting these with that screw you posted. I think they would dangle there and possibly vibrate unless you can rig something that can hold the screw in. Also for the the same reasons @Univek stated.
  2. I live in Dallas Tx. I think I’ve decided on a R-110SW. Found them on amazon for 299$. I wanted that front port due to placement. Hopefully I don’t have any humming or amp issues others have reported. Thanks for your help wuzzzer. I’ve seen your your comments all over the forum. Awesome to have a great ppl and a great community to help noobs like me!
  3. I didn't even think about looking for another sub 12, ill consider that. Thanks!
  4. Hello Gents, I am brand new to this forum and relatively new to HT. I recently purchased my first home and always wanted to set up a immersive HT set up. Once I dipped my foot in, I was trapped in the rabbit hole of sound glory. I was lucky enough to be gifted tower speakers and a sub that were old but basically brand new as they were barely used. Since then I’ve been adding speakers and I can’t stop myself! Currently I’m up to a 5.1 system. I’m adding atmos heights (500SA just purchased yesterday and en route). Now to piss off my gf even more I want to add a 2nd sub to complete the system to 5.2.2. Currently I have a Syn Sub-12 that really rocks my space. In terms of wattage 300 continuous peak 650 it compares to the reference series 12 and SPL 12s. Just needing some insight on next sub purchase. My space is realtively small. The Sub 12 sounds to me much better while watching movies. Listening to music is good but doesn’t pack the punch I want. I want to feel that bass in my seats. I am on the fence between a R-100SW or the R12-SW From Costco for only $189! 1. if I mis-match the 12” and R100 10” would there be a noticable difference in terms of the subs being out of tune and not matching? I tried to research but most ppl have dual set ups with matching identical subs. I don’t really need another 12” so I want a 10” just to even out the room a little and bit more punch. 2. The Costco sale R-12SW $189 is such a great deal. I found out that is a older model that is now discontinued. I have also read here on the forums about so much problems with the sub amps. Is the issue with all the 10,12,15” subs or isolated in a specfic series? Note: Buying a SVS sub is not in my plans as I prefer to stay with all Klipsch matching set up. Current Set Up: Reciever: Pioneer VSX-934 7.2 Front: Klipsch RF-82 II Center: Klipsch R-34C Sub: Klipsch Synergy Sub-12 Atmos: Klipsch RP-500SA Surround: Klipsch R-51M TV: Samsung Q70R 82”
  5. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it. But I have a pioneer VSX-934 connected to ARC to my Samsung Q70r. I use a LED back lighting for ambiance behind the Tv that is powered via usb from the Tv. I have noticed when I have the LEDs on with the AVR and I power down the TV, the tv turns off with the AVR but the leds stay on. THEN the AVR turns back ON. I think there is a delay in power from the Leds that affects the ARC somehow I have no idea. The leds eventually turn off after about a minute. When I turn off the leds manually or the AVR first before the tv I have no issues with the AVR turning back on. Possibly a similar issue to yours if you have leds connected via usb to tv. Just thought I’d share 😃
  6. I also have been researching the 500SA. Also a noob in training. They are designed slanted to be either atmos enabled (sitting flat on top of a tower speaker usually) or wall mounted to point downward as a surround height speaker or even as a surround. I personally have the 500SA en route so I can’t attest how well they perform sitting flat but a lot of reviews on YT say using them wall mounted produces a way better effect. Also the ceiling matters and placement if ur using them as atmos enabled sitting flat. Ceilings should be flat and no beams for the sounds to bounce correctly. Are your surrounds and rear surrounds placed around ear level? If so wall mounting them would be an ideal placement. See the attachment. I think that set up is close to your set up besides the rear height 500SA would be wall mounted instead of ceiling mounted. YouTube is your friend. Def has been mine while learning about HT and klipsch products. Watch some reviews on them. here’s a link to Dolby speaker set up guides for placements https://www.dolby.com/about/support/guide/speaker-setup-guides/
  7. They ARE open, I reached someone by phone finally after a long hold just the other day. As for emailing support it took weeks for a reply, even tried multiple emails. I’ve been waiting for a warranty replacement tweeter RF 82 II since may! They said they have a shipment coming in next month. My warranty was out and they still approved the free replacement so can’t really complain about that. I think most likely they cut staff down during Covid so everything is backed up. I was able to get in touch with Klipsch Instagram acct sent him my request info and someone replied to my request the next day
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