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  1. Hi everyone! I'm somewhat of a newbie to HT. I'm in the process of installing a HT setup and I read lots of great reviews of the Klipsch speakers, so going with them wasn't a hard decision. But I'm unsure about the RP-500SA. For my setup, I am going to use 8060FAs for left and right, 504C for the center, and 502S for surround left and right, and rear surround left and right. I know that the 8060FAs have upward firing Atmos speakers in them, and I was planning on putting 2 500SAs in the back of the room also connected to the receiver's height channels to give me 4 height speakers. So my first question, is will I even gain anything by adding in the 500SAs? If so, how should they be positioned? They are slanted, but it appears that when wall mounted, the slant will make them point down, and shouldn't Atmos speakers be pointed up like the ones in the 8060FAs? Thanks in advance! -John
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