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  1. Well so far this hasnt been helpful at all.
  2. Ok, got it, and yea, couch/chairs won't beright next to the wall, they will be 50/70cm in front of it. Thank you all for the disposition of the hardware. Now does someone have any kind of help regarding the setup itself? Are 260f/280f much different from 6000/8000?
  3. Oh, so a bit more to the center, ok
  4. That's how they are positioned though, the Screen should be on the below part of the picture. Have any sugestions as for the models of the speakers for around 2500$ total?
  5. They should be rears. And btw, what is the best models i can choose in each category, bearing in my the size of the room?
  6. The surrounds in front of me? Or by my side?
  7. Hey! Newbie here. First of all, thank you for letting me join this awesome community. So I'm building a house, and in my basement my wife let me build my own Cinema/Sports room. I started to check out all Home Theater setups and Klipsch kept showing up. I'm really new to this, so I don't really have any idea what speakers to choose. But here goes: I'm looking for a 3000/3500$ setup, Including sound and Receiver. The setup should be a 5.1.2 or 5.2.2 (Should i stay with 1 subwoofer, or get one more?) The room is in the basement, so it has nice acustics, but I will still add some sound proof padding around the room, to get the extra cinema feeling. It's 4 meters X 4,5 meters (13 feet x 15 feet more or less). The FRONT speakers will be floor standing tall ones, and the REAR ones will be Bookcase ones. The ATMOS speakers have they're connections ready in the ceiling. Could anyone help me with a good setup? I checked some examples of RP6000f Setups and R41SA's for the Atmos, is that enough or is something like a RP610 better? Should i go lower as i might not need that much? What about the Subwoofers, is the SPL100 enough or do I need 2, or would you go lower? I'll leave a deisng of how the room should go. Sorry about meter system vs feet system, I'm european!
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