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  1. Hello All, I am preparing to buy a 5.1.2 HT for my new home. Room size is about 220sqft(18x12) Slant wall on both sides, something like below. /——————\ | | I am looking to mix and match the R and RP line because the kit I am trying to buy has a R52C and while doing some research, learned that Center channel is the most important and obviously(atleast what I understood) RP 440C is winner over 52C and is on sale too. Below is what I am leaning towards. Any help/suggestions are appreciated. I apologize If there is already a thread similar to this. if I choose 625FA’s, can I remove the atmos speakers and put them to ceiling? Asking because of the slant walls. My house is under construction, So I believe, this is the best time to get the pre-wiring for the 7.2 setup. Need to understand what would be the best spot for these speakers. R-625FA’s RP 440C RP 150M’s R-12SW Yamaha 7.2 VXseries receiver. Edit: just found RP280FA’s on sale for 799.00 a pair. Will switch 625 with those. Regards!
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