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  1. I currently have two RP-500SA's sitting on top of my front speakers in Atmos mode. I'm planning to buy two more for the rear. Unfortunately my couch is only 17" from the back wall and there is a window in the way on the back wall too. So my only option would be to place them above my surrounds. I have Denon x4700h receiver. It only shows an arrangement of using them on the back wall only. Will placing them on the side walls still work?
  2. Oh I see now. They are not sold in the Amazon Klipsch store. It says in small print, sold by Amazon.com. It's the CDT-5650-C II , that I was looking at. https://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-CDT-3650-C-II-Ceiling-Speaker/dp/B0074XI30K
  3. I saw some speakers on the Klipsch Amazon store signifcantly reduced price. My local AV shop and other big box stores have them for twice the price. I'm wondering how they can be offered on sale for almost half off through the Klispsch store?
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