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  1. New Cornwall IV. Fairly near divorce with just the 1 pair. I have some in-wall wiring between receiver and speakers which I bypassed and that made some improvements (will solder and/or re-fish better cable). At higher volumes i get good bass and mid-bass. Going to look at a higher quality audio source next. Then i guess it is time to look at getting more/different/better power... or just hack it with an EQ...
  2. Just landed a new pair of Cornwalls. Initial setup they are lacking in the mid-range and bass. A hollow sound with no real impact - really sharp and clean in the upper registers with fantastic sound-staging and voice qualities. Room is 20x30. I'm running the top end Marantz HT receiver (in 2 channel mode) but maybe i need better power. Or maybe an EQ??? I thought these things were easy to power? Any other ideas? I am running an SVS SB16 Ultra sub, so sub-bass is not an issue... thanks, Aaron
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