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  1. Need 1 stamped steel K-43 for a lascala. Could also use a square magnet k-33 because my lascalas have one of each right now. Thanks
  2. I have 20 still in 3m boxes. All rock recorded from records, don't remember who. Contact me
  3. Well, since it's supposed to rain here in Clemson territory, it's foosball today or maybe a jam session.
  4. I have a K-33 square magnet with sp1-1 67-8151 stamped on the back. This peavey looks identical to it. Is it? The guy selling it can't check it for ohms. Is it a 4 ohm driver? Thanks
  5. These are industrial lascalas and have AA crossovers, k55v mids, k400 horns, k-77m tweets, k43e and k43 woofers. Sn's 1867,and 1868. Black with aluminum trim. Thanks for any info.
  6. Looking for a K-43 woofer for lascala industrial. Thanks 8647107878
  7. Jssbzi

    K-33 woofer

    Hello, I have a K-33 woofer that I will trade for a K-43 if anyone is interested. Thanks, 8647107878
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