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  1. I need advice. Right now I have the opportunity to upgrade my speakers, probably for the last time in this life. The room is 19' wide, 16' deep. I have been lusting after the Cornwall IV, but the room also has to function as a 5.1 system. The budget is ~ 10-12k. Assuming the Cornwalls in front, what is best for center, sub, and surround speakers? My current thinking is to use two Heresy IV's for the surrounds, two VTF-3 MK5 HP subs, and God knows what for the center. The center speaker has to fit on the shelf under the TV, so the Heresy won't work there. Currently the only other components in the system are a Yamaha RX3070 receiver and an Oppo UDP-205. The Yamaha may be replaced with tubes in the future - depending on how it all sounds. This system is for music. Music is first, movies and TV are secondary. However, the surrounds MUST be able to handle things like the 5.1 Blu-Ray Audio Beatles, XTC, etc. For example, I'm thinking about the Blu-Ray Audio surround version of Abbey Road in the beginning of 'Come Together', which has heavy bass and percussion in the rear speakers. Also, the once superfluous center channel gets used as a real speaker (usually for vocals) in many of these mixes. Ridiculous but true. I welcome your thoughts.
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