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  1. Yesh currently own chorus 2 so i might hold off in buying this speaker maybe wait for KG5.2 Yesh im sorry youre right, its double 8 and 12 passive, thanks
  2. This is a bulls eye explanation hahaha, yeap i just demoed the RF7 3 yesh exactly its a chest pounding bass and not as huge ad chorus 2, and yesh we manage to audition loads of amplifier from ss to tubes, one thing for sure the heritage line loves tubes, my chorus 2 run 32watt full tube integrated, i do have quicksilver vintage and adcom SS power from my grandpa 300watt wpc if im not mistaken, and while the vocal seems to open up and the bass extent a little low in the chorus 2 but the overall it felt soo stiff, the 32 watt tube integrated felt just right well rounded deep bass but not as low The steep pricepoint of RF7 III make us decide not to buy it maybe we'll the older two way model KG 5.2/KLF33 or RF7 II if me manage to find one Thanks a lot
  3. Yeah i think this might be the case the heritage line is an instrument to create the real feel of the real sound thats why they dont emphasize on extra bass Thanks for the explanation Hes waiting for the cornwall to come i hope he can find his old school "sound" In it What amp do you recommend for the new generation? Not a vintage rig if possible
  4. We are using 100 watt modern Cayin tube integrated so the option is not there
  5. Hi Bill Is there anyway to improve it? And yes after long play i hate how it shuts down, might just return the amp
  6. Yes sorry i would say the low bass is lacking and the bass punch is different Your explanation answer my curiosity, i have chorus 2 and even with the 15 inch it got soo low but the punch is different, and yesh i need fast punchy bass (RP600M bookshelf have that punch) so i would assume the RP8000F or RF7 III will deliver even bigger punch
  7. Thanks a lot for the explanation i think this explain why the driver reacts on the heritage series, at first we conclude that the heritage is intended to catch the real sound of the music not to exagerate on the bass response, out of my curiosities i post on this forum to make sure Thats what the second question is about, will the "cheaper" Tower version nail the big bass cause we are tired to adventure to another brand, just want klipsch with big bass hahaha i dont know if that possible He's the type who loves 15inch low bass and "no bass"= add sub and big sub, he didnt like to toggle EQ for some reason he thinks that it alters the real speaker sound
  8. Yesh they do excel in jazz they are the best, and that is true as well they stay true, most of led zep song tend to be missing the bass on the recording, like for example rock and roll and whole lotta love they seem to be missing the "body" But chorus 2 love moby dick bonham drums is amazing through that speaker
  9. Thanks a lot for the information ill try to adjust the room
  10. Yeah to be honest this is my first 3 way and im very happy about it, its just sometimes i do miss my rock and roll and metal songs, with the heritage line it seems to excel at jazz, bigbands music, classical
  11. So yeah i do miss listening to the good ol led zeppelin, evh, guns, metallica, megadeth or even slipknot, and yeah its hard to play those on the heritage line The RF7III might be a bit steep for the price but i can settle for the cina made RP8000F
  12. I dont think i have much room to play around, do it need to be in a corner? Or just as long as it got walls behind it? Nickyboy6100 set up around a foot, whats yours? If i may know
  13. Ya it is very true, i got problems with the vocal at first its too harsh, i position out of the center at it helped a bit, the stock tweeter is a bit harsh and a bit dark if im not wrong, although its very efficient but yesh chorus 2 need power to let it all out, my dad heresy 4 do have better sound at low volume Hows mahl tweeter compare to crites? Cause this is my very first time in the audio world and my first time upgrading
  14. Hi everyone I need help, the subwoofer is very quiet when we plugged it in the pre out section of a tube integrated amp, the vol is at 75% and still very quiet, we connect it with RCA cable pre out (black and red) to sub input Another thing that we realize when we off the amp, the sub seems to act weird like there is a signal sending out from the amp to sub in high freq for 5 times then its gone
  15. And that will be my next question in other forum regarding the subwoofer, yeah my dad use the subwoofer for the very low bass, i on the other hand love simplicity if possible Cause here i cant actually listen to the speaker due to the COVID-19, if the super little brother RP600M bass can produce, i think that the RF7III will have the same response but better attack cause it got 10inch dual driver but i may be wrong, thanks
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