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  1. Unfortunately, not much. My wife thinks the RF-35s are bass enough so I think a 15" subwoofer is out. My loft is only 144 sq ft (12 x 12) so maybe a Klipsch 10" subwoofer like Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10" 300w Powered Subwoofer? Will that be a noticeable difference than having no subwoofer and just RF35s? It's only $219 on Amazon with 5 stars and 998 ratings.
  2. Just north of Charlotte, NC. Any recommendation on the Subwoofer to go with what I have now? Front: RF-35s Center: RC 62 II Surround: R51-Ms
  3. Ok. I got an Denon X1600H Receiver and the RC 62 II center channel. I ended up going with R-51M bookshelf speakers for my side surround speakers (Best Buy did an In Home Assessment and recommended them along with the AVR - probably because that was what they had in stock), but everything sounds great. Now I have to make the argument to my wife why we need a subwoofer - she thinks the RF-35's are already rumbling the room. Any suggestion on the subwoofer (and what I should tell my wife? lol) Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Would that be RC-62 or RC 62 II? And any advice on a receiver that works with that setup?
  5. I am putting in a home theater in a 260 sq ft loft (13 x 20ft). I have 2 RF 35s and am looking for advice on what center channel, side speakers and receiver would go with it. Thanks!
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