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  1. I had the exact same problem with the right ear bud brick after trying to install the firmware update. I was sent the replacement and received it today. Ive been looking all around the web to see if the app has been fixed. definitely not confident it has. Im going to hold of on the firmware update. Let me know if you finally got yours to update. Would like to know some tips and tricks before I have to replace these too. I read earlier a guy replaced 3 of them. ALL SAME ISSUES.
  2. I purchased the T5 due to my past experiences owning X10 series and the low price point for a higher end earbuds. I mainly ignored all the negative reviews because I wanted to give this pair a try for the price. After receiving them and downloading the Klipsch Connect App, I had to do the firmware update. You cannot use the app (equalizer) without updating firmware. I probably spent 2-3 hours last night and this morning trying to update the earbuds. After multiple failed attempts, I reached out to Klipsch through their website chat. Then after going through the recommended steps, the right earbud was "bricked". Most likely due to bad coding or the way the firmware is pushed through bluetooth. Now I have 1 working earbud and the other is completely non working. Klipsch while still on the chat with me said they would send out an exchange pair... I will give that pair a try before updating this review. Purchased on 8/28 received 8/30, bricked 8/31/20. I guess I have half their product for half the price, paid $78 at the time of this post. Replacements have been on backorder for over a week. Klipsch did not provide tracking or further updates... not good Klipsch, not good...
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