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  1. Just want to say, I finished my speakers. And the help I got was much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. After looking some more I see my picture is too big. It's like 2.40MB Gonna be awhile before I can get help to make it to 2MB or smaller.
  3. I made the jumpers for one of the crossovers. @Geoff wanted me to post a picture when done. But the noob I am, I can not figure out how to post. Any pointers folks? Please Thank you in advance. CRB
  4. Alright, you have been very helpful. Thanks a bunch. I will try and post a picture tommorow evening. Thanks again Geoff
  5. Yup see your new picture, then what l said in my last post. Is right then? Wonder why no jumpers came with crossovers. No biggie I can make some then, if I am on track here. Ya I never done any of the big amp stuff.
  6. From your picture I now see the jumper wires on top side of LF going to the bottom part of HF. This is what I have to do then? Thanks for hanging in there with me so far.
  7. I did hook up to the LF from terminal cup. And HF is not used.
  8. Jumpers from HF to where? Sorry this might take me a bit to sink in. Both LF an HF had nothing hooked up. Except on the top . Am at work now so no pictures
  9. Hope to get some help to finish hooking up these crossovers. I am not sure where to hook up the terminal cup wires. There is two places. One says LF and other days RF. Does it matter which ? This is just the standard type B Cornscala. Any explanation or help would be appreciated. I did not want to bother the Crites Family now. Due to Bob's passing. Thank you in advance. Craig
  10. Looking for a pair of Crites CT120 tweeters also a pair of Crites CSS500/5000 crossovers for Cornscalas. Please message me if you have something to sell. Thanks.
  11. Hi Are these crossovers still for sale? I would like to buy them. Thanks Craig
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