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  1. Thanks for the additional words, Henry. 😊 I actually wound up using the Auxiliary input via an RCA to 3.5" cable and the results are so much better. The sound can still get a little "dirty" (ie: the audible hum is still there) when I turn the RP-51's gain all the way up, but nowhere near as bad as it was when I was using the RCA cables on the Phono/Line input. Also, with this setup, I am able to completely utilize the Modi, Loki, and Magni hardware in conjunction with my RP-51's. Between the built in gain and the additional amplification via the Magni, there's a lot of power ready and able to drive these speakers, and that makes me happy. P.S. One additional question: would the use of a 3.5" "noise filtering" device help to clear up (if not totally eliminate) the sound of interference/humming? Also, would such a device have a negative affect on the quality of the sound coming from my media (which is music/movie/games).
  2. Thanks for the reply, Henry4841. I've been tinkering around with the gain levels on both the Magni and the R-51PM's. I've compared both. The humming is much more prevalent when the R-51PM's volume knob is maxed out. When I lower that and then test the gain on the Magni, there's some humming at the maximum level, but nowhere near as heavy as when the RP-51's are at that same level. So right now, the compromise is to set the Magni's gain to around 85%, and the R-51PM's gain to around 65%. There's no audile humming in any media. In closing, I do have a question: Is the Phono/Line input inherently cursed with hissing/humming due to the electronics involved with that port? If I switch the R-51PM's over to the USB input, for example, and turn the gain knob all the way up (without any media playing), there's no hissing or humming at all...
  3. Hi Thaddeus, thanks for the advice. The only problem with that is I would give up the equalization by not using the Loki. However, you bring up something I simply overlooked - I can go Modi > Loki > R-51PM's, at the very least, just to test out the sound quality. I would forfeit the amp/gain of the Magni, but that might not matter much if the internal/in-house amplification of the R-51PM's is potent enough on its own. In any event, thanks for taking the time to help me out. It's appreciated. 😊
  4. Hey forum members! This is my first ever post. I've been a huge Klipsch fan for years, and here I am still buying and supporting the brand all of these years later. 😊 I come today looking for a little help and perhaps some advice. I recently picked up the Klipsch R-51PM's to replace my older Pro Media 2.1's on my gaming/media PC. I just finished setting things up about an hour ago and this is the way I have things configured: USB cable from motherboard > into Schiit Modi Multibit (DAC) via USB input | RCA cables out from Schiit Modi Multibit into Schiit Loki (EQ) | RCA cables out from Schiit Loki (EQ) > into Schiit Magni 3 (amplifier) | RCA cables out from Schiit Magni 3 (amplifier) into Klipsch R-51PM inputs (Phono/Aux). With the speakers turned up to about 85%, and without any media playing (ie: Windows 10 volume being muted), I am able to hear a very audible humming noise. Of course, the whole idea behind buying these speakers was to stretch their legs with music, movies and gaming. At the same time, I want the audio to remain "clean" at those higher levels - the humming and hissing would simply not be acceptable. So, here's the big question: Is this "just the way it's going to be" or is there a way to somehow fix this? In closing, I've re-seated all cables (multiple times) and the switch is indeed flipped up to the "Line" position on the back of the right speaker.
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