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  1. Sorry for the confusion about wattage. I mixed up my terms. RCA only carries the "raw" signal with no wattage. I kind of answered myself ;-). Pre-amp receiver RCA outputs will do just fine! Thanks!
  2. Hi fellow Klipsch lovers, I have an unusual request. I am looking to buy a pair of Fives for their versatility and great sound and use them as a regular stereo pair for music BUT as well as left-right speakers in a small 5.1 setup (all Klipsch speakers). Therefore I am planning to connect them to an AV receiver along with the subwoofer, center and rear left-right speakers. However I can't find any specs around the wattage they are expecting for the RCA inputs. I believe I should use the pre-amp outputs from the receiver so I can let the Fives handle the amplification stage. Any thought/recommendation would be greatly appreciated! Best, Roman
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