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  1. Hi everybody, I've got a Epik Legend subwoofer. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore and to really give repairing a shot, the schematics or even the manual (does it even exist..?) would REALLY help. Epik Legend information: Audiophile dual 12 inch compact subwoofer system 300W RMS amplifier Parallel Drive Technology ™ Sealed cabinet design for improved sound quality & subsonic performance Opposed side-firing drivers cancel out cabinet vibration Stackable, side-by-side or separate placement abilities Outstanding midbass performance Massive ¾ inch thick internally braced cabinet 1 inch thick grills with acoustically transparent fabric Compact CAD designed enclosure Precision CNC machined Full 1 inch radius corners throughout High quality black laminate finish RCA dedicated LFE and Crossover inputs 750W short-term RMS Frequency response : 20-200 Hz +/-3.5 dB 16 - 18 Hz usable in-room extension Weight: 80 pounds shipped Size: 18H x 15W x 20D After opening it up, the problem seems to be: the output stage doesn't work. Anything else doesn't exhibit any strange behavior; like the power supply works fine. Does anybody know more about it? I know the owner of the company (Chad) doesn't seem to respond anymore, after the company went bankrupt in 2014. So that seems to be a dead end. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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