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  1. Off topic: But I see a lot of RF7 and RF7 III speakers for sale, but rarely the RF7 II, were they a limited run?
  2. Are horns very brittle? Do I need to take special care if/when moving?
  3. Yeah looked at the RC-7 too! Hard to find a matching set! How does the RF5 compare to the RB75? I read one of youthman's posts on YouTube and it seemed like he wasn't too impressed with the RF5. How does the RB75 compare to the Heresy? Should I bother cross shopping?
  4. I'd like to keep this under $1500. Less is better obviously! But if I need to I can change the budget. No real size req as I will use stands. Current speakers are Magnepan MG1.6qr. Amp does 500 wpc at 4 ohms. Probably 300 wpc at 8 ohms. I haven't found a P-17B recently and at that price I'd want an audition first - not really possible in this climate! Just getting opinions right now, not like I can do a bunch of auditions now. Regarding the RB35 vs RB75, is the main difference the tweeter and crossover components? The woofer seems the same on both. Can I buy the RB35 then buy 1.75" tweeters? Or is the horn a different material/size as well? Brand new or used doesn't really matter. I have a preference for 8" woofers since I've always found subwoofer integration to be challenging, especially in an apartment. I liked the RF7 II and III, and would have no problem buying them, except I think its a bit too much speaker for a smallish apartment. That's why I was hunting for the RB75. Thanks for the replies!
  5. Hi all, looking to buy the RB-75. Let me know if you've got a pair to sell! Alternatively will also consider a pair of RC7s.
  6. Hi all, New to the forums, lurking for a while now! Curious about what you all think is the best Klipsch bookshelf speaker? I'm thinking it's likely the RB-75, but those haven't been sold for quite some time. What would be the best option now?
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