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  1. Flipped them and while better it still lacks the "feel" of the bass. It seems to dig a little deeper in comparison to front facing, but still not going low to where in some songs I feel the artist is super close to me and real. 


    I can see if one was really trying to limit components in the chain for "purity", using this, but if you want to feel it, it's not quite there. 


    I would add that there is a cleanness to the music and bass, just lacking in oomph and that feeling that the music is surrounding you. 

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  2. Okay, cool. 


    I will try this tonight. 


    My Initial impressions are that it certianly adds bass and downlow to the La Scalas. 


    Does it beat my current Velodyne ULD-15 sub? Sorta.


    The ported mod doesn't hit as hard nor does it dig as deep to hear the gravely voice of the great Guy Clark in the song The Dark for example, but it certainly does more than the speakers by themselves. 


    What it doesn't do is add addtional noise to the system like the mechanical hum that comes from the Velodyne. Which is a plus!!


    It does help imaging though and centers the vocals as well as helps to create that space between the instruments in physical space. Maybe this is just because the speakers are taller and the mid horn is more level or even a bit higher than ear height when sitting in my chair? 


    I can likely flip them around tonight and have another listen. 




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  3. Altmann Attraction DAC.

    This model has every option available. S/PDIF, toslink, rca, switable sample rate and jisco function. To purchase it new would cost over $5k today.

    I also have a smaller format duracell batter and charger that comes with the sale. I will have to ship ground with the battery, but its much better to use this smaller battery, instead of having a HUGE Optima battery in your room. Charles himself said this battery is a fine paring with the DAC.

    I've had this DAC for sometime now and enjoy it alot, but as digitial music goes, the tinkering never seems to end, so this is going to fund other DAC purchases.

    At my full price I will absorb PP and shipping in the CONUS. Happy to ship wherever, just reach out if you have somewhere else you like this to land.

    $800 obo






  4. 7 minutes ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Only the brave survive the Big Bass TESTS!

    So the question I have is while the THLP creates big bass, I’m using this for music only listening, so I’m really trying to hear all of the music instead of trying to feel a big amount of bass hit me and shake the whole house. Will the THLP do the former, the latter or both? 

  5. 11 minutes ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Here's a better solution if you are building risers anyhow. If you want to build something that works and is cheap, built 2 of these Anarchy tapped horns and use them as RISERS under LaScalas. Use two of these amplifiers to drive them and leave the LaScalas alone. Stick the port end into a corner or against a wall behind each LaScala. Look at the RED curve which is what comes out of the mouth. Should cost less than $300 to do for both channels. REAL BASS at work, without added distortion. Plans are in the PDF by Little Mike.



    Exodus Anarchy 25hz TH.pdf 466.29 kB · 0 downloads


    So, this would be an enclosed riser that sits underneath the La Scala and wouldn't need the doghouse cutout? 


    Also, could it be scaled to work as a riser that fits under the the La Scala, so that it looks flush on all side?



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  6. 1 hour ago, Curious_George said:


    The below circuit is an example of what you would need to realize the high pass EQ filter electronically. This is only the high pass EQ filter circuit, no power supply is shown. This circuit could be inserted into your preamp's tape loop function (in/out). On some preamps, there is a specific "EQ" loop for external processors, such as this high pass filter. If you need a power supply circuit let me know.


    18dB High Pass Filter 40Hz 5dB boost.png

    Okay, so this is sorta like a powered version of a notch filter that I have used with single driver speakers?

    This would plug into the in/out tape RCAs of my preamp and I would power it up with the rest of the system? 

  7. 2 hours ago, Curious_George said:

    To get the full benefit from the LaScala bass modification, Dennis indicated that the high pass filter EQ was needed (and it is). I suspect most people who do modify their LaScala's do not use the EQ and this is where the "disappointment" may come in. 


    Almost every speaker could benefit from a subwoofer, even some "subwoofers", if that makes any sense...


    I like a full music spectrum, but not everyone wants or needs much below 30Hz. 

    Can you please explain more on what is needed here to utilize the high pass filter EQ you reference? Does that mean I would need an equalizer or DSP? 

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