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  1. Yeah, there seems to be a time later at night, when a lot of the appliances and lights are off that the music just opens up and I have a hard time discerning if its the electronics or the tube warm up time. 


    I've thought about unplugging everything except the fridge and dishwasher and listening to see what its like then, but I would def need my GF to not be home, cause she wouldn't like that. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, MeloManiac said:

    There's a neat and clean solution to your problem:




    Wow, that's a long wait. I am former to the utility industry and they are years out in bringing new lines to people to upgrade their power, so I bet this is in that same vein. Also, I feel like people get crazy with this stuff and wonder if their $150k system is 150x better than mine. Maybe I need to listen to a HIGH end system, but I have a hard time believing that it's THAT much better.........

  3. 45 minutes ago, wvu80 said:

    I know what you mean about the outliers but I don't judge that.  The numbers are the numbers, nothing personal.


    Could you add a little info about your LS's?  s/n if you have that, year, finish, condition, and in what region or town were they bought.  Thanks!  -Dave

    Pics attached. I bought them in Portland, OR. Condition was really good. Couple scratches and just a teensy bit of the bichbplywood peeling on one back corner. 




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  4. An audiophile once told me that making sure your feetsies are nice an toasty allows you to get deeper into the music with intent and focus! They had a different pair of socks they used for listening to each different amp! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  5. So, I took some advice from another person that fixed their velodyne and I used some plumbers putty to reseal the woofer to the box in hopes of stopping any air leaks. It didn't get rid of ALL the popping noises, but if did get rid of most of them to where its very intermittent with regards to the popping. So, I may try to tighten it down some more or maybe even run some new beads of wood glue across the seams of the box on the interior to see if that helps too. So, yeah! Not dead yet! Which is great! 

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  6. I was given a box of tubes and  it turns out that there is nothing I can use in the lot, so I offer them up to the community here!


    Free, you just pay shipping and I will send them to you.


    Attached is a spreadsheet of what I have and to keep it fair, please PM me what you want and we can work out shipping costs and details.




    List of Vaccum Tubes.xlsx

  7. I'm looking to pass along a couple things: 


    Audiophilleo 2 MKI with Pure Power - $375

    Music Fidelity V-Dac - $150

    Schiit Sys and Schiit Mani - $175 -Sold on US Audiomart


    With all listed prices I will include shipping in CONUS and PayPal fees. 


    I have the original packaging for the Sys, Mani and Audiophilleo. 


    If you want to make a package deal lemme know! 





  8. 1 hour ago, Khornukopia said:


    I have not read the rest of this thread yet, but want to comment on this older post right now and say that you may want to check the entire house.

    Alot of 2 prong outlets in this old house......

  9. Yeah, prices here in Portland are crazy too. Guess I'm glad I got a good deal on some Cornwalls and some La Scalas. It's been suggested that we replace the Cornwalls with something smaller, but its hard to do so when Fortes and Heresy are running so close in cost to what I paid for the Cornwalls. 

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