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  1. Good ideea with the bed risers, im from Europe so Walmart is oit of reach but my furniture have some good space under the TV, i need to make some more measurements maybe i can fit the 505C. Is it a big problem if the reflex port will be exactly at the back of the furniture? No much room for the reflex port, maybe if i cut some of the furniture exactly where the port will sit. Excuse my English, its not my native language!
  2. Cool setup, thanks for the reply! Do you also listen to music or just use the RP600M for home cinema? RC64 III is very big and i could not fit that in my furniture under the TV, alo the depth of the 504C is bigger than my furniture, i can fit the 600C and the 404C.
  3. Hey, unfortunately in the place i live we dont have audio visual showrooms! Cant hear them! I spoke with Klipsch customer support, it seems i can match any center channels from the RP series with any bookself or tower speaker from the RP series. I leave a quota about the 606C vs 404C:
  4. So from my understanding any reference premier bookshelf or tower will match and cam be paired with any center channel from the RP series? Lets say I'll buy the RP600M bookshelf speakers, can this speakers be paired with either the RP504C, RP404C or RP600C etc?
  5. Big thanks Andre, i will check the links!
  6. Hey thanks, im not sure yet what i will buy, i want to build a home theater in a small room, i was looking to Reference znd Reference Premier bookshelf speakers.
  7. Hello Can anyone tell me where i can find info on which center channel is for which speaker, im confused on what pairs with what for seamless sound! Can anyone give me some info or direction on where to read about this? Thanks and excuse my bad English, i hope i have made my self understood! Cheers
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