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    LCR help

    Crites arrived today for the Chorus II and the Academy. New Crossovers and tweeters. They sure do weigh a lot. Box was so heavy. Going to install the in the next week or so. Thank you for talking me into keeping these speakers. I am sure I would have been sorry if I got rid of them
  2. nydennis

    LCR help

    ok. I decided to keep the speakers in the front. I have inquired about this several years ago and the responses were the same. Keep them. I went ahead and ordered the Crites crossovers and tweeter's for the Academy and the Chorus II's.
  3. nydennis

    LCR help

    Maybe I will see about keeping them. Maybe do a crites upgrade or something to them as well. Wish I could do an add on and build them in the wall. I felt like the center channel was lacking something but maybe I am just over thinking it.
  4. nydennis

    LCR help

    Thank you. Yes. The CHorus II's are great but I rather sell them to a good home who can enjoy them more. Most floor speakers require some distance from the wall which is the reason compact might be the answer. The rears and sides are wall mounted and I thought it would look more uniform. I love Klipsch sound so I want to stick with them. I am keeping the subwoofer. Its so hard to audition the speakers as many places do not have them setup. I was looking to see if anyone has the 640Ds on wall to test out. I have not seen many reviews on them though. I was looking at the RP-600M book shelf as well with a small stand and a center to go along with them. So many decisions.
  5. nydennis

    LCR help

    Hello Everyone, Currently I have a definitive Tech on wall speakers for my rears and sides.With a 15 inch HSU sub. I have the Chorus II and academy in the LCR which I would end up selling. Unfortunately they are just way to big for the room they are in. The room is more narrow and long but I only have three chairs in the room. I do not have the space to move the speakers away from the wall more then a few inches. . I would like to get new LCR. I was looking at the on wall speakers and or some book shelf speakers and wanted to see thoughts and recommendations. This is only for home theater. I will not be playing music.
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