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  1. Hmmm.. okay thx for the input dude! I just bought a Dali e-9f so I'd atleast have some subwoofer while I fixed my Klipsch sub. But considering the price for the dsp500 I might just go for buying a second e-9f then, because one 9" isn't really enough... Hopefully the Dali subs last more than 4 years.. 😅👍
  2. I have a R-112SW, it has been working fine until a while ago.. it has started turning off randomly. Sometimes it can stay on for hours, but sometimes it turns of after seconds of use.... So I figured I'd just change the plate amp, but I think I might need some help picking the right amp... My the sub is rated with 300w RMS with 600W peak if I'm not mistaken..? So what wattage for the amp am I looking at then...? I've found 2 different plate amps from Dayton Audio which as far as I can see will fit perfectly without any modification to the sub box itself atleast... The Dayton Audio SPA250DSP, the other one is primarily the same amp just with 500w (SPA500DSP) So my question is which one of these amps will work the best..?
  3. I’ve had a Klipsch R-112SW SUB for my hometheatre system for about 2 years now and it has been working great up inntil recently... but now it has started to randomly turn of, usally after like 5seconds.. i Feel like a subwoofer from a well known producer like Klipsch should last more than a couple of years...? is this a known problem? And is there any fix? thx for any advice/input! 🙂
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