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  1. Yes...I bought the woofers, not the entire RF-7 speaker. I waited for 2 years to finally be the first guy to jump on a pair in great condition. Some say the RF-7 iii are far better? Maybe but they are twice what I paid for my originals = $3699 plus tax! I have noted a big difference in harshness going from my 2006 Arye cd player to my Oppo
  2. I have an Oppo 103 and it works like gem in my monster 7.1 system. I will upgrade to an Oppo 205 but seriously? I may regret the money I spend? My Oppo plays my cd's, SACD's, DVD- audio's, blue ray, DTS 5.1 surround and the DVD pic is awesome. You can buy my player for a lousy $200 - $300 right now on ebay You can't go wrong. Want better? Buy an Oppo 105D. Get the Darbee - it has a better pic. They are running around $1,200 but they were $700 more retail from Oppo to get the Darbee
  3. I have 4 RF-7's in a 10 X 12 room with a 13 inch sub and RC-35 center I just turn the B&K 175 watt per channel blaster up and let er rip. Spill the wine. I have no idea how far I am to be - ain't no more room? Don't laugh. I am buying a pair of RP-502S surrounds to lock in load on my 7.1 system. There maybe some academics in how far but ya gotta deal with what cha got. And yes! Bigger is better. Think not? My K-horns will move your pant leg Long live Klipsch
  4. I bought two RF-7 (original) speakers on ebay. I only need one but its hard to find these rascals. It has the black center....ahh? Forgot what to call it? Black center hub in the middle of the copper spun woofer. It is an RF-7 original for RF-7 i, not Rf-7ii or Rf-7 iii. The speaker is sound. Has a tiny small indent on the copper maybe 1/8th - 1/4 inch but it is not punctured. Plays great! No issues. Drivers are fine! The speaker is used. Not new but appears to be in very good condition. I already mounted the other one and my B&K amp is blasting my neighbors off their bed. Its a keeper. No guarantee's. I have no interest in making a profit. I kind of want to keep the extra speaker but likely won't need it? I paid $380 for the two, including shipping - so I am willing to sell it at cost - $190 and i will pay for shipping. I make no profit and I helped a man who has been unemployed in NY since March 16th due to the COVID. I refused to debate his price. It was high. I know but he needed the money for rent. Personally? I'd rather had paid $100 per speaker but such was not the case? I can only accept check or money order. If I figure out my moms apple phone I will load a pic?
  5. I have been a long term Klipsch owner and I am just becoming informed on upgrades. I have 4 RF-7 Floor speakers in excellent condition and would like to know more about this deang, his crossovers, who is he?, where is he?, how do I contact this person? Is he still in business? Deang crossovers I also have 2 pair of Klipsch K-Horns. In the future would like to upgrade them. Volti audio has a upgrade kit. Does anyone know of anyone else? Who is Bob Cretes? Is he a tweeter specialist? Does anyone recommend a tweeter upgrade for either of the speakers mentioned?
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