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  1. I picked up a pair of Cornwall 1 locally for $800 earlier this year.The cabinets have some character but the insides were pristine,a real testament to the craftsmanship and quality components..Sound great at low volume high volume or anything in between.
  2. Congrats on your Cornwalls ! I recently picked up a pair of 81 cornwalls and they sound great..I also use a Denon receiver for both stereo listening and tv audio. Almost all of my music is from my iPhone via Apple Music. I use a portable dragonfly cobalt dac which is a definite step up from the dac in the denon plus I can use for my travel headphones as well. Down the road maybe a tube amp but for now I am a happy camper. Enjoy !
  3. Looking to get into tubes with my Cornwall I and saw a local seller asking $400 for a dynaco st70 with new caps. Worth taking a look at ?
  4. Save yourself about 10k. Hunt down a pair of good condition Cornwall 2 or later and replace the crossovers. Pair it with a Denon integrated amp and that’s all you need..Sure it might not be audiophile quality to some but for my family life it is perfect..Movies sound great and cornwalls just plain rock. Satisfies the SO in terms of cable clutter and is easy to use for everyone..For critical listening a pair of great headphones does the trick.Save the cash for a future dedicated room in the future. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I use the Denon 600ne with my Cornwall 1 and am very happy. Sounds great,Bluetooth,phono,and optical for tv source. At $500 bucks it’s a great value IMO..
  6. Here are some pics label says cbr That is birch raw I believe? Terminals are old screw in types. See no distinct red anywhere.
  7. New member and proud owner of an all original set of1981 Cornwalls.. Couple questions 1) don’t see any polarity markings on the terminal screws..negative Speaker wire left positive right or vise versa ? 2) cabinets in nice shape but would like to put a coat or two of tung oil or the like..any recommendations ? Thanks much ! Jim
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