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  1. That was quick and easy! Local buyer just picked them up! Did the COVID-friendly sound demo outside on the patio with a tiny class-D amp, and almost made me regret it 🙂
  2. @willland - thank you, Bill! Hoping we can find a good new home for these.
  3. I am the original owner of a pair of WF-35 floorstanders, a pair of WS-24 surrounds, and a RW-12d sub. The WF and WS are in the matching espresso finish (very dark brown). Acquired from Newegg in 2012 when they had these on sale. I do not have the center channel (never purchased one). I never realized my living room home theater setup (ended up being in a smaller room with smaller speakers), and have recently refurbished and put in service my old pair of Kef 103/3. Therefore looking for a new home for the Klipsches. The speakers are in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. The only blemishes I could find were a couple of hairline scratches on the rear panel of one of the WFs, and another small scratch on the side of one of the WFs, a couple of inches above the floor. Not visible unless you're close up and in good light. I'm sure there's a way to apply furniture polish to minimize these even further. I don't have good pictures of the speakers, I find it quite difficult to capture the color and finish properly, and have therefore only included stock photos here for reference. Happy to provide pictures on request. I will consider selling the speakers without the sub, but strongly prefer to sell the four matching speakers as a set. Hard to find comparables out there, but I was thinking $750 for the lot, or $600 without the sub. I do have the original boxes and packaging for safe transport, but assume shipping will be rather prohibitive given these are not very high value speakers relative to their size and weight. Local pickup therefore preferred, but happy to make other arrangements at buyer's expense. I'm located in Austin, TX.
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