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  1. I jsut arrived home after a nice road trip to Texas to meet @OC71. I have to tell you this gentleman was patient, communicated well and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks to his generosity I actually came home with these speakers, the speaker cloth and a couple surprises. I have been searching for a set of 1976 K-horns for years and today that dream became a reality. Thank you OC71. Gypsy
  2. Gypsy

    AR La Scalas

    Not really a song but maybe a decent deal? They closed at $870 which after fees and taxes will be about $1,100.
  3. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649871159-belle-klipsch-loudspeaker-single/
  4. The best part is they probably do the auction fee then tax the entire amount!
  5. Probably $615 after sales tax.
  6. I managed to get the Eminence Kappalite 3012HO from US Speaker for $200/ea with free shipping. It was actually a pricing error on their website but the gentleman said he would honor the old price. I even offered to split the difference but he said, nope. I thought it was a good enough deal for these crazy times. Will I need to adjust the autoformer with these 3012HO?
  7. I think its difficult for folks who are INTO Klipsch, but do love their speakers, to understand the difference between the generations. They all generally look the same and the models were not given a MKii, MKIII type designation. The google Klipschorn and see prices from 3k to 15k.
  8. Not AK5 but he is old and I enjoyed reading his ad!
  9. Heresy 1. I jsut need to see how to configure the caps.
  10. That joker looks a LOT like my old Cornwall. I may have to watch this one!
  11. I am going to venture down the road of doing my first DIY mod with the SH 2.0. My biggest confusion is with the crossover. Does anyone have a photo of the completed SH 2.0 Crossover Mod? Thanks!
  12. Id bet they are throwing that in free with any reasonable offer!
  13. Im not sure its possible to get older Khorns (let alone KHorns AND 402) for half the cost of CW IV from Cory. I have been watching for a good long time and the lowest I have seen in the last year is around $3k for even beat up KHorns. Side note... my Hersey and CW are both 1976 because it is the BEST year. So if you ever decide to sell those KHorns please drop me a line!
  14. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3380104008943304/
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