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  1. They went to a local guy who is building a 'rock bar' where they will be used to spin rock vinyl. I WILL have a set of Klipschorns one day but I will keep looking for the 1976 I really want.
  2. I reckon its still possible. I had a great conversation with the seller last night before posting. If he doesnt get a sale today and is willing to give me enough of a deal to cover travel then ill be driving all night
  3. If I was closer or saw them sooner Id already own them. If I was a betting man I would bet this is a situation where there is more quality gear, CDs and LPs to be had as a bonus.
  4. https://denver.craigslist.org/for/d/greeley-klipschorn-speakers/7222179621.html This guy needs to get these sold this weekend. He said $2k in the ad but time is working against him. These were his deceased brothers and he is closing out his estate on Monday. I cant figure out the exact date but AK3 X-Overs so probably late 80s early 90s. It seems he is also tossing in a set of La Scala Industrial Tops.
  5. So... is there any way to determine the year?
  6. Im not sure if they have been blurred. Any idea what year ranges used this type or style of labeling?
  7. I have looked at the Heritage Codes and I cannot figure out the year of these Klipschorns. Can the brain trust here help me?
  8. Klipsch Cornwall - $900 (Cedar Rapids) 1979 in REALLY good shape!
  9. I find a LOT of stuff that I can't get so its fun to post here and help everyone else spend their cash!!!
  10. Klipsch Heritage Heresy IV *** MINT GORGEOUS *** - $1,700 (ORCHARD PARK)
  11. Is this the model pictured or the v1 with the RCA + Balanced outs?
  12. Gypsy

    Cheap HBR - AL

  13. I havent seen the serial but the seller said it was "KD. BR. 75T949". They got it from a friend but doesnt seem to know much about the KHorn. I explained that they are designed for corners and are almost always sold in pairs which makes buying a single a difficult proposition. I didnt really make an offer but they pretty quickly said $750. If I had more storage space I would probably buy it and look for another single. I jsut hate to see it get stripped and sold for parts on the bay. But then I already have a single Cornwall waiting for a system worth making it a center channel... I must like orphans.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/362440278325150/
  15. I found a single 1979 Designer Birch KHorn in good shape.... I have no idea the value of a single KHorn. What do you think???
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