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  1. In white wash oak in decent condition but need some work for $50 sounds like a fun winter project. https://neworleans.craigslist.org/ele/d/kenner-klipsch-kg-25-speakers-vintage/7247796288.html
  2. @Retrograde How is the testing going?
  3. So its funny that you mentioned this. I had been kicking around an idea to refinish the sides, remove the strange 1/4 rounds, and do the risers, fronts and tops in a matching black. Billy Ray Edition Cornwalls
  4. I was able to work out the purchase but I wont call it a deal.... but they are my 76' so I paid $650. The seller was a super nice guy who lived in a beautiful area of Stl and it was a treat to meet him and see his 110 year old house. Im not sure what the future holds for these guys but for now I think I have an idea how to cover up the ugliest parts. Its likely down the road they will get the Super Cornwall treatment and refinished but for now Ill jsut listen and enjoy.
  5. Mookie. I was born in 1976 and I like to search for specific things. I think its the hunt... I used to chase hot red heads but im too old and I have a HOT woman who is amazing so now I find strange or unique things to chase down. My long term goal will be to have a complete system that was built in 1976 in America. So if you see any Khorns or a Belle from 76' let me know!
  6. Im headed up to pick them up but it wsnt as inexpensive as I hoped. @Woofers and Tweeters was correct, looking specify for 1976 makes deals harder to find. They are not worth anything more to the general market but I guess they are to me. So what the best way to fix the top? I am guessing either replace that piece of plywood or veneer the entire speaker?
  7. Well how often does this happen.... K20 are these exact speakers by serial! He paid $450 here on the forum in 2018. I dont think he's done anything to improve them since so Im thinking $600 is fair.
  8. What do you think is a reasonable offer... thats still a good deal for me? I tend to over pay when I find specific things in a direct relation to how long I have been looking for them. The only other 1976 Cornwalls I have see have been for sale for $1,500 (in amazing condition) for over a year.
  9. Give me a chance here.... 76' is my year and they are only 5 hours away!!!
  10. Gypsy

    KPT-904s SOLD

    What are the 3 way version of these?
  11. They went to a local guy who is building a 'rock bar' where they will be used to spin rock vinyl. I WILL have a set of Klipschorns one day but I will keep looking for the 1976 I really want.
  12. I reckon its still possible. I had a great conversation with the seller last night before posting. If he doesnt get a sale today and is willing to give me enough of a deal to cover travel then ill be driving all night
  13. If I was closer or saw them sooner Id already own them. If I was a betting man I would bet this is a situation where there is more quality gear, CDs and LPs to be had as a bonus.
  14. https://denver.craigslist.org/for/d/greeley-klipschorn-speakers/7222179621.html This guy needs to get these sold this weekend. He said $2k in the ad but time is working against him. These were his deceased brothers and he is closing out his estate on Monday. I cant figure out the exact date but AK3 X-Overs so probably late 80s early 90s. It seems he is also tossing in a set of La Scala Industrial Tops.
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