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  1. Hi All, Long time reader first time poster. I have decided to build a music listening room in my existing shop by adding two walls to build a box in the corner. Essentially a room within the room. Floors are concrete. Two walls are already there from the shop. Walls are standard wood stud and drywall. Same with the ceiling. Room will be music only (no AV). I have a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls that I really like that will go in that room together with tube pre- and power amp and a TT. My maximum dimensions are 9.7' high x 17' long x 15' wide. Given the space I have what would be the most ideal dimensions of the room? Happy to change the foot print but ceiling is fixed at 9.7'. Open to building the two wall not parallel either, but concerned it will introduce hard to forsee issues, so most of my focus has been on box shaped rooms. I have been reading a bunch on room dimension and acoustics but have not been able to find a solid answer. Example: Bob Golds Mode Calculator (https://www.bobgolds.com/Mode/RoomModes.htm) suggests 16' L x 14.5' W (or 15') x 9.7' H as almost ideal Consulting the Acoustics handbook I see: 15'L x 12.5'W and 15.5'L x 12.2'W being recommended. The plan right now is to position the speakers in the corners of the long wall but will play around with it. Open to room treatments and will have a rug in front of the speakers. Would love to hear your feedback regarding room dimensions especially in regards to Cornwalls. Many thanks in advance!
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