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  1. Thanks everyone for the interesting info! Iteachstem, I was wondering if the veneer on the Forte's could be refinished. Now I know. Those look fantastic!
  2. Shakey and EpicKF, Thanks for the info. EpicKF, You mentioned the effect of finish on price. What would be the most/least desirable finishes? Thanks! John
  3. Hello All, I'm new to the forum and am considering buying my first Klipsch speakers - a set of Forte Is with Crites upgrades. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help with. The seller says that the speakers have been upgraded with Crites tweeters and crossovers. How can I verify these upgrades are installed? Do I have to take off the rear panel to look for labels on the tweeter and crossover? How would the performance of Forte Is with these upgrades compare to a new set of Forte IIIs? Any recommendations for specific things to check before buying would be appreciated. Thanks for your help! John
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