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  1. I bought my K-horns new in 1984. I have never been completely happy with their level of sound, especially weak base! I had recently contacted Klipsch to see if I should upgrade my crossovers. They don't currently have upgrade stock, but would keep me on the list and advise when they have product. In our phone conversation the tech just casually mentioned the crossover capability of K-Horns is 33HZ. I have always followed the general advice of setting them to small with the crossover at 80Hz. I changed the crossovers to 40Hz and at my usual listening level the sound from the K-Horns doubled!!, and my 2 10" subs were putting out sub bass from the LFE connection, just as they should!! My receiver is a Yamaha 9.2 Avantage model and all eleven speakers are Klipsch. Sorry to go on so much, but here is my question: Do Crossovers wear out? And would an expensive crossover upgrade improve the great sound I now have? Or as the old saying goes "If it ain't broke don't fix it"! I'm really happy with the sound now, but I'm always looking for better if it's there and I can afford it -- can't believe it took me 37 years to get the 33Hz right!
  2. Will hanging a B-100 speaker on the wall using the screw hole, smother the base port on the back and restrict performance?
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