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  1. One of my coworkers who is very very good at woodworking has agreed to re-veneer them in bubinga wood, which will look awesome at least for my room. It will be a while before he can get to them, but the veneer is beautiful and he has amazing attention to detail. He knows nothing about Klipsch, but noticed right away that the veneer is matched. He was impressed that any company would pay that close attention to detail and I told him, you don’t know Klipsch.
  2. Maybe I will try the refinishing with Watco and fine sandpaper. Thanks guys! I’ll let you know how it turns out.
  3. These are mine, maybe I am being too picky.
  4. I am on the hunt for replacement cabinets for my Heresy II’s. My cabinets are pretty rough, but I want to keep the speakers and reworked networks that I already have. Does anyone have suggestions? I have reached out to Klipsch to see if they make replacements (not heard back yet), but all ideas are on the table. Thanks!
  5. That is what I meant... risers. I did not notice that he was asking about stands. Thanks for setting me straight.
  6. I could be wrong, but don't Heresy III's come with stands attached?
  7. I have not seen much written about these yet, so I thought I would write a little review. I have owned a pair of S4's, which I love... they are a little heavy on bass for my taste, but I do think they are great. I acquired these from the Klipsch Pilgrimage this past weekend (won them in a drawing - THANK YOU KLIPSCH). My S3's are the "Galaxy Green" color and I must say, the longer I listen to them the more I like. The bass is not as present as it is with the S4's, in fact the bass seems more "punchy" and less boomy than in the S4's, which I like because I listen to Heresy's most of the time. The highs and mids are both good and accurate, but they do not have quite the "presence" that the S4's do. The S4's definately have mor "slam factor". That being said, these will be my excercising and listening to rock and pop music pair. My S4's will be my pair for classical, jazz and relaxation.
  8. Yes, Thanks to all at Klipsch for a wonderful time. I apprecialte the hospitality, food and earbuds. I would dare say that few companies would extend themselves to their loyal customers the way you guys do. I am sure you worked all week and then spent most of your Saturday with us... much appreciated!
  9. Joshjp / LHF63, I don't know much about the Yamaha dock other than I think it has some sort of multi-pin proprietary connector, so you can use your remote and so forth. I do like that second option you sent me, which may do the trick on either system and is cheap. The receiver that I have is a RX-V661, so I think the YDS-12 dock would work, but since it will just be occasional listening, I may go with your option two - don't have much to loose there. Thanks guys - I knew I would get some good advice.
  10. I finally entered the 21st century and bought an ipod touch. I want to occasionally listen to it through my system, but if I do through mini jack to RCA the output is quite low and I need to crank either the ipod up (which I figure could be quite distorted at the upper range), or crank the receiver up. Is a dock a better way to listen to your ipod through your receiver? I am talking about a Yamaha HT receiver specifically, but I do have a separates system (2 CH) that I would like to listen on as well. Is there a universal dock that would work well for both, or should I just stick to mini - RCA? Thanks in advance
  11. Yea! poetry lady! Who knew we were going to get a bonus like that?
  12. Indy sounds great to me too! Any idea when? The sooner I find out, the better chance I get to get off work. Thanks.
  13. I am sure many others have given a synopsis of all their dollars spent on Klipsch, but this was on my mind, so here it goes. Back in 1987 as a young lad who's dad had Cornwalls, I of course wanted to dive into the Klipsch family as soon as I could. I got a local job and saved my first $800 and bought a pair of new Herey II's, used them for quite a while and loved them. Then, after I got married and surround sound became the new thing to have, I bought a pair of KG1's for surrounds. Later when Pro Logic surround became more main stream I bought me a KV-2 as a center. During this time I found another pair of Heresy's that I used in another room, so I was happy for now. A few years later as I added more kids and furniture and sat/subwoofer systems became all the rage, I purchased a Rebel sub/sat system, which I was never happy with, because I was accostomed to the sound of Heresy's as mains, and it just sounded weak and thin. I also sold my original Heresy II's to pay for this system... I know, we all live and learn. Then I thought, why not upgrade the mains to KSB-1's. This was better, but the rebel center was still weak. So, I went back to my dealer (they are starting to really know me and like me by now) and bought a KSC-C1. The front is now better than the Rebel system, but the subwoofer is really not good at all. At this point in my life I figure I had better start putting some money away for a new upgrade, and before I had saved all the way up, the Reference series is born. I start to get rid of my system piece by piece and buy a pair for RF-3's, RC-3, and RS-3's. Now I am a happy camper. They sound different than the Heritage, but have a refined slam factor that I am really liking. At this point I am happy with my Klipsch chioce, but have to move to a different town for a new job. I now sell my last pair of Heresy's and I put the Reference in the basement and make it a home theater, but soon find out my wife cannot stand to be down there, due to allergy issues. I don't have a lot of extra dough, but since were are spending more time upstairs in the living room, I had better get something that sounds good, enter a new pair of RB-5's. These sound great and we use these for a little while, but I still long that great Heritage sound. Now, since I am not in the basement much and not listening to surround sound, why not sell all my reference stuff and buy a pair of La Scalas for the basement. Now I am really happy, but am I? I now sell my RB-5's for upsairs. Buy a pair of RB-3's and a KSW-12 to replace the RB-5's and buy another pair of Heresy II's to replace my original set that I sold years ago. I then have Dean G rework the crossovers on the H II's and put them in an extra room. I should be happy right? Now we decide to remodel our living room, walls and all - the Wife gives the thumbs up to a HT living room and my budget for this HT living room is zero. I must now sell my La Scalas to get enough cash for my new living room HT, but I don't get as much as I need and now must find a way to make it work. This is where I stray from Klipsch for the first time ever. I buy a Paradigm monitor system for L/C/R/Rear and my Klipsch sub. We use it for a year or so, and you guessed it. I got rid of it and went with Klipsch again - RB-25's, RC-35, and now RS-42's. I know this was too long, but I just wanted to point out that I and most of us on the forum are never completely happy, but who cares - we are having fun... right?
  14. I must part with them. I hate to, but here they are. '85 La Scalas with stained and polyurethaned birch cabinets. The old AL networks are gone, replaced with Bob Crites' 'A' networks (not the convertable A to AA, just the straight 'A'). All the original drivers are here. These sound FANTASTIC! The only drawback is that the finish did not turn out the way I had inteded. The good news is however, the birch underneath is in real good condition, so they can be re-finished if one desires. There is a small dent in the top edge of one of the speakers (not sure if it shows in the pics or not. I would prefer local pick-up, but could drive a little distance to meet someone, if needed. My price is firm at $800. I will accept paypal, or cash. IM me, or call me at 937-935-0455 if you have questions. If the pictures I attached don't show, I apologize. I can always email them to you.
  15. I say go for it! Worst that can happen is that, he thinks his system is still better than yours. So what! Best that can happen is that he is so impressed by your Khorns, that he buys a set for himself. Another convert!
  16. I have had the HS-2's for about three seasons now and think they are a wonderful outdoor speaker. They can play plenty loud on my 14' X 18' deck. They image well and even have decent bass for outdoors. I have powered them with anywhere from a 40 W receiver to a 100 W amp and have had no issues. I think your HK will power them nicely. Besides... you can't beat the price.[]
  17. I have a Signet TK9lca and it is very nice. It is a MM from around '83, but still works great. I don't think replacement stili are available anymore though.
  18. Just a side note... As a drummer, have you noticed that cymbal and drum brands have the same loyal following as Klipsch speakers do in the audio world. I myself am a Pearl / Paiste man. How about the rest of you drummers out there?
  19. Tom, Are you sure the Tivoli does not get loud enough? I have had mine in the bathroom before, with the fan and shower on - and could hear it no problem. I don't imagine the steam would be good for the wood case over a long period of time though.
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