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  1. Hi all, This was posted in a different section but there are some key differences. I got The Fives today and set them up and so far love the sound, incredibly clean, definitely a little bass heavy but I haven't spent any time mucking around with turning the bass eq off and so no complaints. I'm playing vinyl exclusively (rega planar 6) and after fifteen minutes or so the speakers power off. I turn the speakers back on and the music continues but, again, after fifteen minutes or so they shut off. This isn't an automatic standby issue (which is what the other post is about) because they shut off randomly while the music is still grooving. I'd really like to keep these (returning in my neck of the woods is absolutely no fun, and I love the sound when they're working) so I'm hoping beyond hope there's some dial I have to adjust. I've dug through the docs and haven't seen anything about this and I've also not heard of anyone else experiencing this. Thanks!
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