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  1. Thanks for this. Room is about 11' x 9' Size wise I can make the Cornwalls work, i'm more worries about how they'll sound for low level listens through a McIntosh 252 . Again thanks for this... I think it most likely the Cornwalls just want to make sure it's worth it if I50% of the time have them medium low level listens.
  2. Im trialing a McIntosh 252 with Heresy at the moment as was sent some Cornwalls that had a fault. Waiting on new Cornwalls to come through. Im in small/Medium sized room and hoping in the next year to move to a larger house. Any way not sure ill ever go over 45% on Amp with The Heresy. I like late night low level burns as much as loud day sessions. Will cornwalls just be too loud with this amp/Not sound overly great at low levels on this amp? Sorry not overly educated in this world yet! Learning! Set up will end up being : McIntosh 252 Vega G2.1 Roon Rega planar 2 Then either with Cornwalls or Heresy?
  3. Hello one and all, Happy Monday. Im also looking for a pairing also here... Would these be over kill. Heard the Cornwall's dont need push power : Hegel H390 Integrated Amplifier Mcintosh ma252 integrated amplifier PrimaLuna Evo 100 Tube PreAmplifier Then.. ARIES G1 or ARIES G2.1 VERTERE PHONO 1 MM/MC PHONO STAGE/PREAMP
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