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  1. Yes I have poured over the PL and like them much, also the Cayin. Currently found the Decware and love the concept, looks, simplicity. Anyone have experience with theses components? James
  2. So I am very new to forums and technical aspects of 2 channel audio. Love music passionate since I was 14 probably, just little experience with quality gear. My first and only system (before my restart two years ago) consisted of; Heresy 1's, Yamaha 50wpc receiver, and Phillips manual TT, bought summer 76' after high school graduation. My big brother introduced me to his Heresy when he bought his in 74' and really the only speaker I had ever heard. His best friend was a Klipsch rep for at the time and recommended the system, paid 1300.00 for all. Jammed it hard for about 12 years then first marriage, kids, sent my younger brother my H's, and just listened to 3.1 music through TV set up for years. My big Bro passed away two years ago and I received his H's and LP/CD collection. Promptly bought a Rega P3 TT and Fono stage playing though the Denon 3.1 (about 16 YO). Researched and saved and purchased a Stellar GCD and S300 AMP with Syzygy sub, Node 2i, and Marantz 6006CD (over two year period). I also received his Nakamitchi cassette deck and about 50 or so cassettes that he recorded. Have a PS Audio P3 on order. So during this process I looked and read of Tube amps and for several reasons (mostly scarred of them due to lack of knowledge) did not go that route. Now two years later ish, I really must try one cause it might be perfect! So I am looking for advice from Heresy owners/folks with knowledge of what type (UL, SEP, SET) hope that's right? and recommendations on items that would pair well with H1's. I have replaced the crossovers and tweeters from Crites. A tube integrated less than 3K, self biasing prefer, but as long as easy, American or at least US distributor. Thanks in advance for assist! James
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