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  1. Sorry for the repost. 😁
  2. No longer in the market.
  3. No longer in the market. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the input. I've decided to pass on the AL5s.
  5. I was planning to use uShip and that was only an initial estimate. While I think it'll be cheaper through them and I've seen positive feedback on the process, I think you're right the estimate is low. I believe I'm going to pause on moving forward.
  6. Yep, $12k. It's my understanding they are on universal pricing, so I assume original buyers aren't getting discounted prices. I'm at $6.4k with this set and that's as low as it's going to get, but I have to arrange transport. I'm probably looking at $6.7k total, no boxes, no warranty.
  7. I'm looking at a used pair of walnut La Scala AL5s in great shape and less than a year old (no boxes). I know the universal pricing on these new is high. Any thoughts on what a good price would be to pay? I'm new to Klipsch, so I'm not familiar with depreciation and pre-owned. Thanks for any input you can provide!
  8. Does anyone have insight into the possibility of a special/anniversary edition of the Cornwall IV in different finish options?
  9. Used. Not sure the cost of shipping would make sense.
  10. Looking for a used pair of La Scala AL5s. I'm in Colorado, but would drive to surrounding states or arrange transport via uShip.
  11. Where are you located? Are you willing to ship?
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