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  1. Always seem to be 1,000 miles from Chicagoland..
  2. Wow! Interesting... I’m curious to see what people have to say...
  3. Sold! I hope they went to a forum member!
  4. Too bad it’s not the same price for the black one...
  5. Congrats on the sale, I hope you don’t miss them much... I miss my NHT2.9s... and it’s been over 20 years!
  6. I love my b&k 2x200 amp... it’s won many face offs against more expensive amps!
  7. I currently have a 7.2.2 system with my Denon AVRx4500h doing the processing and powering the two ceiling speakers, the other speakers are powered by my Outlaw 7x125. I really like it with a high quality, well produced signal like blu-rays and some steaming... I hate it when my Denon processes a 5.1 or 7.1 signal into Atmos. This seems to be the default setting and I always have to hit the “Pure” bottom to get back to the original signal. I just changed my system to four Forte ii’s and a KLF c-7. I’m going to upgrade all of the tweeters to the Crites titanium and likely also do the crossovers. I’m keeping an eye out for another reasonable priced pair of black Forte ii’s or Heresy’s for my rear surrounds.
  8. Send Ed an email... he has a nice pair in Chicagoland.
  9. I bought two pair of Forte ii’s from Ed yesterday. Both pairs were better than he described; he was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with. Dave P.
  10. I’m picking up two pair of Forte ii’s for my new Klipsch HT, and am interested in replacing the crossovers. The seller has two two Bob Crites crossover kits, and had planned on buying them (at a discount) but now I’m not so sure....I’ve watched YouTube videos and have seen different things.... Video 1 — it looked pretty doable for someone like me who isn’t handy... it seemed that he just pulled out an existing board, cut out the caps, soldered new cap in and hook everything back up... Video 2 — it looked like the crossover board was small and on back of the speaker connects... he had to build an entire new board and bypassed the original... This is probably beyond my modest skill set, I don’t even know how to read schematics for electronics.... So.... which is it for Forte ii’s....? Easy or not so easy...? Thanks! Dave P. PS - I feel horrible, I called CritesSpeakers... I didn’t know it was his home number... his wife scolded me for calling “after hours”...
  11. Thanks everyone, especially Opus, I bought a like new KLF C7 from Opus’ Craigslist link...easy transaction right across from my work from another Klipsch nut! I should be picking up 2 pairs of Forte ii’s on Wednesday.
  12. Dwillie, Your message didn’t go through...
  13. I’m putting together a Klipsch home theater, it looks will likely be four Klipsch Forte 2s (front and side), I’ve read that the Academy is the center of choice... Anyone have one that they’re ready to move along to a new home? Thanks, Dave P. PS - I’ve been doing a ton of research here, it’s a great site and I’m glad to be getting more involved.
  14. I guess you have to be pretty fast around here!
  15. Thanks for the heads up Opus, I hadn’t really thought about something so large, but I have a 32x25 basement home theater with the screen on the 32’ side... speakers placement is 11’ away from listening position (not flexible due to pole).... I assume my room can handle them... I’m tempted and will try to figure out if they’re for me... I love the retro look!
  16. Duke, where are you located. Also see my PM. Dave
  17. I wish it was a thousand miles closer to Chicagoland... I think like that look!
  18. I’m getting back into Klipsch.... I’m going to put together a HT using vintage Klipsch speakers... i live in Northern IL and I had actually contacted this seller, but they were already gone... What’s the best way to research “real world” prices.... I’ve been watching eBay and Craigslist and are lots of extremely high priced stuff that never sells.... Any chance there’s a “real world” price guide... or experienced Klipsch man who’s up for helping a newbie? Dave P.
  19. Beautiful stuff! First post, I’ve been lurking a bit. These pics have really inspired me. I’ve been longing for the Heresy's I had in college...I’m planning on a all Heresy home theater, or maybe Cornwall / Heresy combo. Might refinish similar to yours (unless you have a patent or something!). Dave P. PS - I teach stem in IL too... even though the state of IL doesn’t recognize my specialty as STEM!
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