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  1. that's not enough to tell what the model is. one thing i can tell you is that they were made in 1994. can you post some pics?
  2. should probably change the title of thread -- you appear to have a significant typo.
  3. that looks exactly like a type e crossover -- except the polarity of the mid-horn doesn't appear inverted like in a type e.
  4. N means they were made in 1975.
  5. yep, that does seem to indicate h1. then i guess the real question is whether the drivers are flushed mounted (h2) or mounted to the inside of the motorboard (h1). as always pics from the op would help . . . if they're h1s, then the upgrade kit may not be a good idea. would the parts even fit without surgery?
  6. @nickyboy6100 -- a quick google search shows that they're probably worth $100-$200 each. seems to depend a bit on the exact model.
  7. the op says in his first post that he has h2s.
  8. agreed -- for excellent condition chorus i $1000-$1300. chorus ii would be a few hundred more.
  9. so what do you think? i think one reason it works for me is that my chair is fairly low. i'm probably in the minority -- most people seem to like them tilted back and/or raised!
  10. my '75 heresys are sitting flat on the floor on the ~2" non-tilted factory risers from that period. i tried tilting them back, but quickly put them back. i found tilted back a bit too much "in your face". sounds best like this to me (see below). current positioning is more toed in than this, crossing a couple of feet in front of the sitting position.
  11. ??? That is the make and model . . . .
  12. i like this guy -- he's very reasonable in his reviews and is a klipsch heritage fan. will give you a good persceptive. forte iv: cornwall iv:
  13. Boomy is the last word that I would use to describe the bass of the CW4 . . . I found the bass very tight yet deep.
  14. I'd check your connections on your separates - sounds like you have L and R switched somewhere. Some separates invert polarity, but that wouldn't cause what you're experiencing.
  15. my heresy 1s also sound best sitting on the floor without tilting. mine did come with a factory riser that doesn't have any tilt -- the risers are only about 3" tall.
  16. @jimjimbo -- i think he's wanting the thread to be people who are willing to volunteer to let others come listen to their klipsch speakers. for new heritage speakers, the best place in metro boston to go is audio/video therapy in nashua, nh. they always have heresys, fortes, cornwalls, and klipschorns on the floor in the store. they recently brought in some la scalas and apparently will have the new jubilees pretty soon.
  17. Chris, with these woofers, you don't need to change the stock Type E crossover. With the other woofers Claude mentions, you have to change the capacitor in front of the autoformer and change the position of the tweeter and squawker on the autoformer.
  18. Turn your Heresy 1s into a Super Heresy! For sale is a pair of Dayton PA310-8 woofers and two 3/4" painted furniture grade plywood panels with 4" port, binding posts, and screws. Woofers are lightly used and in excellent condition. The beauty of the PA310-8 woofers is that you just have to drop them in -- no need to change the crossovers! Sound is full and balanced with extended bass. And the price is a fraction of that of the other woofer options! Price is $140 for the bundle, $120 for just the woofers. Located in greater Boston and am often up in the Upper Valley (NH). Willing to drive a bit to meet up, so if you're in New England, let's chat. Shipping costs have gone up enough that shipping doesn't really make sense. Why sell? That's easy. Since learning about the wonder of Klipsch Heritage speakers, I'm going to upgrade from my Heresys to a larger offering!
  19. For sale is my Dave A SMAHL Lense / DE-120 tweeter combo (a pair). Only had a five months and were used during that time in my Heresy 1s. In like new condition. Impeccably constructed and sound great. After learning about what is possible with Klipsch Heritage speakers, I'm planning on upgrading to some Cornwalls. Price is $220 including shipping and Paypal. If you're in the greater Boston area, we can figure out a direct hand-off! Note: I'm jcn3 on Head-Fi and Audiogon if you'd like to check out my feedback.
  20. This thread will tell you everything: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/161759-klipsch-heritage-codes/
  21. yes -- they are more efficient than the original kef woofer. only with the dayton pa310 can you avoid making changes to the crossover.
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