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  1. I posted in the tech/mod section but I have a single and more direct question here. I have rebuilt KG 5.5's with crites Titanium diaphragms and crossovers. Would a RC-62 II center channel blend well with my KG 5.5's? Their crossover frequencies are 1600hz for the KG's and 1500hz for the RC-62 II. Both have tractrix horns with titanium tweeters, both are vented and have very similar sensitivity. The other option that seems really close (in my head) is the RC-52 II because it has a crossover (speaking of the internal crossover where the speaker crosses over from woofer to tweeter) of 1600 hz, same as my KG 5.5's. I suspect however I'd be happier with the RC-62 II. I know the KV-3 is an ideal match, but for unmolested stock KG's. Here's a pic of my living room with my KG 5.5's https://imgur.com/oiDUzgo
  2. Unless you know how to model your changes with software, I would never change the stuffing of a sealed enclosure, port length of a ported/vented enclosure, weights on a passive radiator or change the volume of any enclosure. This has a direct impact on frequency response and power handling. I rebuilt some KG 5.5's, completely new cabinets with new dimensions (taller and more slender for a sleeker look rather than short and fat), I added battens (braces in the corners) and 1" dowels all over, left to right, front to back, but I calculated the volume for all of those and my final cabinet volume with everything installed and assembled is within .01 ft^3 of the original enclosure. I changed the port to a nice flared port but that required its own calculation as well. Good luck!
  3. Hello everyone! New to this forum, but not to speakers, Klipsch, home theater or forums. I inherited a pair of KG 5.5's that I used to love as a kid when my older brother owned them. I rebuilt them entirely. New Titanium tweeter diaphragms and crossovers from Crites, new much better cabinets, flared precision sound ports, entire interior is covered in 1" sonic barrier foam. They sound amazing. I built the new cabinets out of 3/4" birch plywood (rather than MDF) and they have this ugly, beat up "rustic" look to them. The idea was to be able to stain them and have a nice wood grain look without attempting to use veneer. They've been moved around the country, damaged by kids and dogs etc. They're a little ugly, but they sounds amazing. https://imgur.com/oiDUzgo https://imgur.com/JsHhDay I am building a 12" ported subwoofer with a 300w amp soon (12" dayton driver, 300w Yung plate amp) and would also like a center channel for a nice 3.1 setup. I know the KV3 matches the KG 5.5's well, and I can rebuild it the same way with Crites upgraded parts. My question for you guys is, rock the KV3 (I'll buy off Ebay) OR a RC-52 II? The RC-52 II uses a Ti tweeter, vented enclosure, and it's crossover freq is 1600 hz, same as my KG 5.5's. I wonder if the RC-52 II would match well acoustically/timber wise? The RC-52 II would actually be the cheaper option.
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