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    motorcycles,fly fishing,backpacking,photography and music of course
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    '66 Fisher (modified) receiver/Fluance RT80 TT/Klipsch R610f.............for now more to come....Topping PA3s/Polk Audio Monitor 5b...

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  1. I don't use that sharp a blade to define music. Just rock,jazz,classical,ect. The artists that play it mark the differences to me. BTW Punk died 14 January 1978.
  2. Are The Chili Peppers considered HipHop? Their music carries a large dollop of funk but I always thought of it as rock.
  3. A lot of territory there. Can't really do a best song. Two standouts of the time to me are Janes Addiction and Primus.
  4. I've only got 3 acres but a fairly tight knit group 'cept for the renters. They're just distant. I won't do it at midnight of course. I'll do it eventually.
  5. OK I get that. Typing what I think is rarely what I'm thinking. If ya know what I mean.
  6. No experience to relate so I've no advice. It's not your position but the delivery of it. You made your point why beat it to death? I really meant who pissed in your breakfast. Not typical of you to be insulting.
  7. You guys must have great parties.
  8. I can see them set up outside during the summer. Covered of course but letting the whole valley hear it.
  9. Best is extremely objective in my opinion. Many (including me) say they want realistic neutral sound. We no matter how hard we try all like a certain flavor to our music. I'm finding bass is more important to me than I thought it was but nowhere near as much as others. For recreational music the Fisher 440T is preferred. Critical listening is the Topping PA3s class D. I enjoy seeing how many different sounds I can identify simultaneously.
  10. Wonder how long it took the news to get to King George?
  11. I've been using my Topping PA3s with my Heresy 1. Been considering new amps. Don't have enough experience with audio to know what different types sound like. Nor much money to spend. I like the PA3s just want to try more power and another types of amp. I believe the Topping LA-90 Discrete (or not) will be an interesting amp with the Heresy. I'll try a single amp first and if I like the sound then buy another. Anyone have experience with one? Or two?
  12. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Oh it wasn't just any old 389. Guy I bought it from (boss) owned a automotive machine shop. It was scary out of the hole once I learned how to do it. Just beat on the clutch just at the edge of wheelspin as you fed it the gas it felt like the front wheels were off the ground. They weren't just felt that way.
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