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  1. For me first a pair of Heresy. Then a pair of Belle. or maybe Belle then Heresy. Depends on timing and funds.
  2. Sure. I grew up farming and cows smell pretty ripe. They must bathe them a lot.
  3. My first Modi3+ went south after a few weeks. They attempted to help me sort it out then sent me a return authorization and shipped me a new one. All is fine after a few weeks listening to the new one. I'm new to streaming so no comparisons can be made. But running from my iMac/Modi3+/Fisher 440T/Klipsch R610f sounds wonderful to my uneducated ears. I'm happy with it and the company. Will consider them first when component shopping. In fact I do believe I'll eventually own a Schitt Sol TT.
  4. As I really didn't expect to live this long (men in my family rarely make past mid 40s w/o heart attack/stroke/diabetes) the surprise would be I'm alive. Not complaining mind you.........
  5. 80%. I'd like a nicer turntable and a pair of Heresy I but we're good for now.
  6. Oh go ahead and rub it in..............
  7. Incoming PM.........check yer inbox.
  8. Are you serious? I certainly hope not 'cause that a dismal point of view. Must be an awful way to see things. That's coming from a confirmed misanthrope.
  9. I have emphysema so I worry more about side effects of the virus killing me. They can remove the horn from my forehead later.
  10. See my earlier post. On the way soon. Takes time to forge that kinda friendship though. Like 12 years.
  11. I would never let any of my dogs be led away to die. They deserve to be with the ones they love at the end. Not alone and scared with a stranger. I just did it two weeks ago and it's incredibly hard but they deserve the company. And I'm still an emotional basket case. I miss my buddy immensely. So lonely and quiet around here.
  12. Yes. I like winter for the most part but this one can go now.
  13. Not really an adoption. He's at a breeder but as mentioned they've had him for 4 years. He was a house dog but after a couple years they had to move him out to the kennel. Don't misunderstand that,the kennel is heated and air conditioned. They just raise the puppies in the home for the first part of their life and couldn't spare the room anymore. I like the breeder 'cause their website says "AKC registered Quality pedigreed healthy puppies at a fair price,for family pets & Protectors, only." When contacted about him they asked me about my experience with adult Shepherds and my intentions for him. Gave me the feeling they care about the dogs. It's a 3K mile round trip for me but I need the time off from work.
  14. My buddy recently passed away. I am going to Texas on the 13th to pick up a new friend. He's 4 years old and unwanted 'cause his ears don't stand up. Well I couldn't care less if his ears are floppy. He will be a challenge but it's accepted. Too quiet around here without a dog. A photo.
  15. Yeah I agree. Being a newcomer I see this place as a small but tight knit community. Would be a nice gesture,
  16. Is the shape influencing the sound or simply for looks?
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