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  1. Liking my soundbar. I played some HipHop to check some extreme bass levels and I must say, it shook a 12 x 20 room. Not what I normally listen to, but it will go there if you want it. It really shines when playing Europa by Santana or 2112 by Rush. All the music I listen to sounds good. I'm pleased it outputs in stereo mode for music. I've had it a couple weeks. It replaced an older Samsung 2.1 that had poor dialogue. The dialogue with this one in Dolby Digital is nice and clear. There are also three adjustments to increase the dialogue if it suits you. The remote is kinda lazy and you have to point it right at the bar. Sometimes I press the volume down and it goes up. It has happened a few times and not enough to be irritating yet. It will power up from an "optical in" when I turn my TV on. It takes a few seconds, it's kinda lazy as well. It will power down when the TV is turned off. I got it for $299 and don't think I could do better for the price. It's hard to believe the sound from those little drivers. I will get the Surround 3's when there's a clearance on them. It's made in China.
  2. New to the forum. Thought I'd start a thread for the new Cinema 600 Sound Bar
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