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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks! I really appreciate the detailed response. I'm looking to eventually replace the AVR so I can run all my HDMI 2.1 cables through it and then to my TV. I also need one....because I lost that little thing that adjusts the sound. I'm no master at amps either. Would one be beneficial for this setup you think? I've always just wanted to drive everything with one AVR for sake of space, but if need be I shall do it. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply! Do you know how the 64 sounds when it comes to dialogue? Unfortunately, I don't have a store near me with any Klipsch stuff in it. Thanks
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm in the market for some new speakers. I am currently am only running a Front L/R and center setup because I recently moved to a townhouse, but I may be moving again soon to a house house. My current setup is: 2x Polk Monitor 70 Series II Towers 1 x Polk CS10 center 1 x Denon AVR-887 I was going to get a new Receiver this year, but apparently all the ones that support HDMI 2.1 have a flawed chip and won't be fixed until next year. So I'm holding off on replacing that until then. I'm also not in the market for a subwoofer or surrounds yet since I am still in my townhouse although suggestions are welcome. I was looking at picking up a pair of RP-8000F for my front L/R and an RP-504C for my center. My budget overall is 2-3k for just these 3 speakers. I thought about getting the RF-64ciii as my center and the two RP-8000F towers and just upgrading the towers over time. I am not a home theater savant by any means, so I'm sure some of my choices are poor. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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