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  1. Thanks! I just wanted to make sure that that a 2nd SPL-150 would be a better addon than RP-502s on my overall sound. So regarding to the impact of an upgrade on overall sound : - 1st choice: adding a 2nd SPL-150 - 2nd choice: switching from RP-402s to RP-502s - 3nd choice: switching from RP6000 to RP8000 Am I right? yes I know I'm a bit slow... 😉
  2. Thanks guys! very appreciated!!! According to you, should I go for the RP502s instead of RP402s or save money and buy another SPL-150 later?
  3. Hello everyone! My new home theater room is under construction. It should be 244"x164"x92" (6.15mx4.16mx2.33m). My primary use would be for watching movies (over 95%). I'd like a 7.1.4 system (maybe 7.2.4 later we'll see). The receiver will be a Denon AVR-X6700H. The package I have in mind is RP6000FB x2, RP-504c x1, RP-402S x4, SPL-150 x1 and CDT-5650-CII x4 What do you think about it? Should I get RP8000 and/or RP-502S instead? Are the CDT-5650 much better than CDT-3650 as atmos speakers? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks
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