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  1. It was at the terminal block on the bass box. Perhaps had one too many adult sodas when putting it together
  2. Thanks team Klipsch for helping me with the polarity question on my KPT-942's. They're sounding great. So. To recap I'm feeding a Xilica 4080 with a Bluesound Node 2i. The Amp is a Monolith 7x200 and speaks are KPT-942s. Everything Sounds Good. I've noticed that with 0db input gain and 0db output gain the input meters don't light up. As a Common Operating Procedure should I increase input gain until the meters are short of clipping and reduce output gain to a standard listening level? I suppose im trying to "optimize" the amount of volts being sent to the amp input. Please bear with me as I'm learning. There isn't really a "problem" im trying to resolve just to establish S.O.P. Thank you all great folks CJ
  3. First of all I need to reach out and show my gratitude to @Chris A @Chief bonehead @Dave A @richieb@mikebse2a3@babadono for helping me step through this. It turns out that there was a polarity mismatch. Two of the four woofers were pushing and the other two were sucking. 60 seconds with a screwdriver fixed the problem. Now I have LF response again. lol Next question which I will save for another thread is GAIN.
  4. Yes and please excuse the mess my man cave is now my 2 year olds playroom
  5. Hi everyone, I reset my gain and my right still sounds thin. I need to run to the store but I want to post these.
  6. Yes sir tried several other channels. Same result. As well as outputs on the xilica
  7. Ok I added bypass tonight for grins. Left channel is great. Right channel has the bass problems. I’ll back out the bypass. Thanks for bringing it up.
  8. @Dave A this has been a fantastic project. I'm 95% of the way there. I'm so glad to hear from you. I don't have any neighbors on the adjoining lots but my wife is loving me, that's for sure.
  9. Here are the left high pass and low pass settings.
  10. Hello, I have the 942 b(4) connected to a monolith 7x200 fed by a bluesound node2i. I swapped out some passive crossovers with the xilica. I have the L and R from the node2i coming into input 1 and 2. The channel 1 output goes to the right 402 horn, the channel 2 out goes to the left 402 horn, the channel 3 out goes to the right bass box and 4 out goes to the left bass box. I've noticed that the bass from the right bass box is nearly non existant while the left bass box will drive you out of the house. I know I'm missing something here. I"m attaching my high pass and low pass xilica settings for any help you can provide. Thank you. Please help. Christopher
  11. Yeah there was a guy on the north shore that accepted my offer but would never set a date to pick up the LS’s. I’ve gone ahead and picked up 942/4’s instead
  12. Yes sir! You’ve been great I don’t want to bug you during the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  13. Hi Dave, Thanks for checking in. Yes indeed that helped a lot but I’m still getting a strange vibration. I know it will be something simple.
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