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  1. Yeah there was a guy on the north shore that accepted my offer but would never set a date to pick up the LS’s. I’ve gone ahead and picked up 942/4’s instead
  2. Yes sir! You’ve been great I don’t want to bug you during the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks for checking in. Yes indeed that helped a lot but I’m still getting a strange vibration. I know it will be something simple.
  4. Following. They look like one heck of a driver.
  5. Yeah based on @Chris A photos my driver looks like an 1132 with a snout. I’m hopeful a DE750 will bolt right up to it.
  6. The other issue im pondering is that the rattle is being caused by feeding .3-.8 kHz to a driver that’s rated to crossover at .8. through a kpt-535 crossover. When I get the xilica dialed in I think my rattle might go away.
  7. No sir I haven’t checked that yet.
  8. Ok I got the speakers and they sound fantastic but at higher levels the horn diaphragm rattles. The driver doesn’t have a label on it so I can’t identify it. I think I need new drivers though.
  9. I’ve got a 402 with an unknown driver. It rattles and I think it needs an upgrade or replacement . What should I try? Thanks team.
  10. I may be crazy, But I have an opportunity to get a pair of KPT-942/4’s at a great price. My listening room is about 24x30. I know this will probably blow the neighbor’s heads off but I’ve heard that with proper toe-in you can get a sweet spot 9’ out. Am I out of my mind or should I bathe in the KPT glory? Thanks, CJ
  11. CJ Wolff

    Lascala II

    I want them but it’s a 16 hour drive.
  12. Hello, I’m browsing for a pair of la scalas within a reasonable 6-7 hour drive from New Orleans. I haven’t set a budget or year yet as I don’t 100% know what I’m looking for. I just recall seeing them as a kid in the ‘80s and always wanting a pair. Thanks, CJ
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