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  1. I am looking to build a 9.2 home theatre system with the following speakers: 4x R-620F (100W continuous, 400 peak) 4x R-41SA (50W continuous, 100 peak) 2x R-51M (85W continuous, 340 peak) 1x R-34C (100W continuous, 400 peak) 2x R-120SW (200W continuous, 400 peak) Now, the receiver I'm looking at is the Denon (AVRX4700H); it says it outputs 125W per channel, but the back of it says 710W. If it can only output 710W continuous, what would you recommend I get so I can bump up the power output to the 1270 continuous watts required? I'd prefer to be able to output at least 1500W, but I'd like a cost-effective solution.
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