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  1. Hi! First timer here. I will try to be brief. Have a pair of Heresy1s that I purchased new in late 70s. Always happy with them. Crites capped last year. Moved into what should be my final home. I am old as dirt but my ears still seem to be working. I am using a 10 year old Onkyo HT R640 and would like to keep it. Has a powered sub. I would like your advice as to whether or not Cornwall 11 s would improve sound? Would I hear a difference? There are some Cornwalls nearby. Room is smallish with high ceilings and back and one side opening up to breakfast nook and kitchen. At the moment watch movies with fire stick and listen to Youtube music. May get a streaming device for Pandora. Have a decent technics turntable with lots of old vinyl. thanks for your time I enjoy the forumn.
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