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  1. On 4/1/2021 at 5:02 AM, inMotionGraphics said:


    Sorry, I'm reading my emails in reverse clearly... yes, center channel output of receiver will go to the main binding posts of one of the  8060FA's, then left to another one and right to the third one... don't connect anything to the binding posts for the Dolby Atmos modules... does this clear that up for you?

    Great information, thank you so much for the hand holding and explaining each steps clearly. I will follow it up and go ahead and check the price of the speakers and buy/replace them accordingly.


    will post back once I have a list set up

  2. @Islander





    what are your comments on the below set up ?


    Speaker Qty Placing
    Klipsch- 8060FA-2-way FS SPKR W/DBY  3 Front
    Klipsch - RP280FA DOLBY ATMOS Front SPKR 2 Back Tower
    Klipsch RP-500M Bookshelf Speaker -- pair 1 Surround Side Speaker
    Klipsch SPL -150    2 Front Corners
    CDT-5800-C II  4 Front Ceiling - 2
    Back Ceiling - 2
    Marantz -  SR8012 1 Receiver


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  3. On 3/28/2021 at 2:27 AM, inMotionGraphics said:


    In that case, I would seriously consider doing in-ceiling speakers for Atmos.



    Yeah, that is good way to do it, but in that case, you could do your LCR as three exact same speakers. In other words, instead of the 504C, get another exact same speaker as your left and right main speakers so that they are all perfectly match timbre, height and performance wise...


    I also noticed in a reply further down that you want to do in-wall. If that's the case, you might want to look at Klipsch's THX CINEMA SERIES or their PROFESSIONAL SERIES from their custom install section. These speakers might be better suited for an infinite baffle setup than your floor standing speakers.


    I'm a Yamaha fan and use the RX-A3070, but you would need an additional external amplifier to power the front left and right channels in a 7.2.4 setup, as it has 11 channels of processing but only 9 are amplified. For this reason I didn't recommend it to you, as the Denon and Marantz's you are considering will give you all 11 channels powered. I don't have personal experience with Denon or Marantz receivers, so I'll leave it to others to recommend which one to go with.

     Please see below is this what your suggesting me ?


    Speaker Qty Placing
    Klipsch- 8060FA-2-way FS SPKR W/DBY  3 Front
    Klipsch - RP280FA DOLBY ATMOS Front SPKR 2 Back Tower
    Klipsch RP-500M Bookshelf Speaker -- pair 1 Surround Side Speaker
    Klipsch SPL -150    2 Front Corners
    CDT-5800-C II  4 Front Ceiling - 2
    Back Ceiling - 2
    Marantz -  SR8012 1 Receiver

  4. What do you all think about this setup - Any changes/additions please 



    Speaker - Placing (thoughts please)

    Klipsch- 8060FA-2-way FS SPKR W/DBY ---  Front Tower

    Klipsch - RP280FA DOLBY ATMOS ----  Back Tower

    Klipsch RP-500M Bookshelf Speakers ------  Surround Side Speaker

    Klipsch SPL -150    - X 2 ----  Two Subwoofer  (please let me know where to keep them)

    CDT-5800-C II   X 4 ------- Front Ceiling - 2, Back Ceiling - 2

    Marantz  SR8012 ------ Receiver

    Klipsch RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers ---- Should I get it? 

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  5. 12 hours ago, JefDC said:

    You have an excellent starting base already. The RP-8060FA and the RP-280FA are essentially the same speaker, RP-8060FA being the newer model. 


    I would put the RP-8060FA's at the front with the Atmos section connected (assuming you have a flat ceiling).

    Depending on the size of the room I would put the RP-280FA's as Side Surround's with the Atmos connected and 'Klipsch 5.25 ??) as Surround Back.

    You will have to buy a Center speaker (RP- 504C, RP-404C, RP-600C and RP-500C all will do) RP-504 being the largest (I use a RP-404C with my RP-8060FA's). 

    A subwoofer (or 2 or more, depending on budget and room)

    The RP-140SA can stay in the box.


    Both Receivers are excellent.  

    Listen to this set-up first and then decide what you would want to change.

    The Klipsch 5.25 are the most questionable in this configuration but as Surround Rear has limited musical content I would start with that.


    There are different opinions on the ATMOS solution (ceiling mounted versus ceiling bounced), some prefer the bounced ATMOS but this depends heavily on the ceiling characteristics.

    Anyway I would start with the excellent speakers you already have and work from there. A variation would be to swap the Side Surround speakers with the Rear Surrounds. 

    If the Klipsch 5.25 sound too different RP-600M's would blend in well.



    hi thank you so much for the suggestion, I just came across the behind screen speaker and we want to do the same. In that case I believe the top firing atmos won’t be any good right ?


    also since the internal is going to be designed after we buy the speakers we are planning on placing all speakers within the walls. What are your thoughts on keeping speakers outside vs within the walls 

  6. 7 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:



    I haven't heard the CDT-5800-C II IN-CEILING myself, but it's what most people were using for Atmos over the past few years. However, when I contacted Klipsch support to ask them which in-ceiling speakers I should get that will work best with both their RP and RF ranges, they recommended the PRO-180RPC IN-CEILING's to me, so I went with those. And when I was looking up the CDT-5800-C II IN-CEILING on their website to get the exact model number before I replied to you, I couldn't find it on their website, so either I was looking in the wrong category, or these are being discontinued. It doesn't mean you can't get them anymore, but I definitely know for sure that the PRO-180RPC IN-CEILING are a much newer model. I'm love my PRO-180RPC IN-CEILING and can definitely recommend them for pairing with Klipsch's top of the range lines.

    done sure then I guess in that case I’ll buy whichever comes for a good price, I believe I’ll need 4 of this right 2 in front and 2 at the back ? 


    But @JefDC makes a very good suggestion, before you run out and buy any new speakers, rather set up what you have already, including the upfiring Atmos modules to see what you like and don't like about your current quiver. That way you also have some reference points to compare your upgrades to. But I am very confident you will end up preferring in-ceiling speakers to bouncing Atmos modules, provided you are willing to cut holes in your ceiling... 😉


    the theatre room is new construction, after the set up is decided only then the interior along with wiring will be completed


    7 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:


    You can most definitely use the RP-500M's and you should use them rather than wasting money replacing them with a pair of 600M's. So I would use the 600M's as surrounds, and then your 500M's as rear surrounds.

    perfect then I’ll just get one pair of the 600M for the surround and use 500m back 


    7 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:


    But there are very experienced guys that have been using Klipsch speakers far longer than I have giving you great advice here, so I suggest you consider all the different recommendations and then choose the rout that makes the most sense for your situation and budget... 🙂



    The center speaker is definitely the most important speaker in a home theatre setup in my opinion, followed by the subwoofers... I do like me some good bass... 😉 


    which subwoofer should I get ?? Will the receiver support 2 subwoofer same time ?


    The best center in the current Klipsch line up would be the RC-64 III I believe, but you only really need this one if you plan to upgrade your Main speakers to the RF-7iii line in my humble opinion... otherwise I think you'll be quite well served with the RP-504C, which would be the top of the line center for the RP range. 


    sure I think I’ll go with the 504C, I love it since I currently use that for my system. 

    7 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:


    I hope this helps.



    thank you so much Brendon, this is really helpful for me


    also we are planning on doing behind screen speakers any thoughts on that? 

    is that a good approach ?


    what receiver would be your personal choice ?

  7. 14 hours ago, wvu80 said:



    Thanks for the location info.  Let me suggest a couple of things.


    You said you have about $12K to spend.  You can get an excellent system for that much.  Is the $12K for audio only, or does that include upgrading the theater room treatments, seats, projector and screen?

    this is just for audio and projector screen


    I saw you are considering the Denon 6700 and the Marantz 8015.  You really can't go wrong with either one, both are excellent from everything I've read or seen.  I have never heard either one, I own a Marantz SR-6011 with an external 5 channel amp, Emotiva XPA-5.

    these two are the once I am considering but open to other suggestions as well, do you have any other suggestions for receiver ?


    Briefly, you probably want to consider the Klipsch RF series of speakers.  That is their flagship line.

    R= Entry level

    RP, Reference Premier = Mid tier

    RF  and the center RC-64 III = Flagship This has the best sound and furniture grade cabinets.  Made in Hope, Arkansas


    which would be the best ever CENTER speaker, I remember from your previous post that CENTER speaker does most work and to spend the best on it. Let me know I want to get the best Center speaker

    14 hours ago, wvu80 said:


    I'll stop here for the moment.  You will find others will give you suggestions as well.  We have really knowledgeable people on this forum.  The people who own this equipment, the AVR's that you are interested in, for instance are in the best position to guide you in that area.


    I would also suggest you talk with @Paducah Home Theater, Cory.  Or @Scrappydue, Steven, two good dudes.  They work  together and are a Klipsch dealer and they sell other stuff like AVR's.  They ship the big box speakers to you not with UPS Fed Ex etc, but with a carrier on a pallet for safe shipping. Their prices great and are regular members of this forum.  I have bought from them and their prices and service are the best I've seen.  They will sell to you, but they don't try to "sell you" something, if that makes any sense. 


  8. 14 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:


    I believe these are the RP-8000F's but just with Dolby Atmos up firing modules on top. If that's the case, you can't go wrong with these bad boys, so I would keep these, but just don't connect the up firing Atmos modules. Instead, I would use in-ceiling speakers for the Dolby Atmos height channels, however if you don't want to install speakers in your ceiling, you could mount the Klipsch RP-140SA's high on the front and back walls for your Dolby Atmos height channels. You'll need a second pair of these if you want to do 7.1.4, or sell the RP-140SA's and get in-ceiling speakers: PRO-180RPC IN-CEILING or CDT-5800-C II IN-CEILING speakers.

    okay I can buy the ceiling speakers between these two which one should I get ??


    keeping price apart personally which one would u choose and how many should I get ??


    14 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:



    I don't know this speaker...



    You could use these as your surround speakers if you have the space, but since they include an up firing Dolby Atmos module again that you don't want to be using, I think it might make more sense to sell these, and get 4 x RP-600M's for your surrounds and rear surrounds...

    I’ll try and get 4 - RP-600M

    I have one pair of the Klipsch RP-500M already should I use tat ??


    14 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:


    Then you need a minimum of one subwoofer, but I would suggest you try and invest in two subs. Ideally, 2 x SPL-150 or the largest subs you can afford from SVS or other highly rated sub brands.


    Nothing wrong with either of those receiver choices, they are both excellent from what I hear. 


    I hope this helps.




    Update: I forgot to add that I've ignored your budget and costs etc because I don't live in the USA, so I'm not familiar with your prices etc. But as @wvu80 says below, if you can afford it, you could sell the 2 pairs of towers you have, and go all in with the RF7 iii series and the RC-64 III center, which would be the ultimate, but they don't come cheap, at least not where I live... 🙂


    I also just realized that you don't have a center speaker in your list. So you'll need the RC-64 III if you're upgrading to the RF7 series, or the RP-504C if you're sticking with the RP series... 


  9. The theater room we are trying to set this up is 33 feet long and 16 feet wide. Looking to build a very good movie theatre system with budget around $12,000. Please suggest a system for the same. 


    I currently have the following speakers already bought/some were form another old system.

    1. Klipsch 5.25 2 way Bookshelf speaker - pair

    2. Klipsch RP-140SA REFR PREM ATMOS.BK - pair

    3. Klipsch- 8060FA-2-way FS SPKR W/DBY  - Pair

    4. Klipsch - RP280FA DOLBY ATMOS Front SPKR - Pair


    Now what of these can I use and what new i need to buy. need suggestions on Receiver as well please. Looking to build like a 11 point system. All suggestions welcome.


  10. On 3/19/2021 at 1:08 AM, wvu80 said:

    No, your receiver does not support two subs from the back pre-outs.  It is a 7.1, so only 1 sub, but all is not lost.





    No, your receiver does not support two subs from the back pre-outs.  It is a 7.1, so only 1 sub is directly supported, but all is not lost.



    An RCA splitter will the job nicely.  The pre-out does not supply any power to the sub, just a sub woofer signal so this is the way to go. 


    This one on Amazon has good reviews, but do your own research and find the one that looks good to you and best fits your budget.  Don't go too cheap.








    Thank you so much it worked :) i think at this point i can tell that the whole set up is complete. Ill try to post a video and share it with you guys thank you so much everyone for helping me with this build.






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  11. On 12/28/2020 at 10:56 PM, wvu80 said:

    I just had a crazy thought.  I really like the theater seats which are on the left side.  I would love to see those in the middle.


    Is there any way you could slide and rotate that L (not left, the letter L) couch all the way to the left?  Just the one section.  Then put the theater seats in the Main Listening Position (MLP).  Then slide the remaining couch section away from the front along the right side wall.


    Probably a crazy idea.  Just ignore me.

     1. No my wife too agreed that’s the best placement. I needed up moving the recliner in the CENTER. 


    2. I moved the subwoofer to the end and moved the speakers inside 



    but here is the problem I am facing, I am only able to get one subwoofer work. Both the sub are not working at the same time. 

    what should I do, does my receiver support two subwoofer to work the same time ?


    also are there any sound available online that I can play to just have the subs play.


    thank you



  12. On 12/11/2020 at 12:09 AM, inMotionGraphics said:


    Ah, I'm very glad to hear that, and happy I was able to help. I think you've made an excellent choice and you will be thrilled with your sound once you have it all set up. Enjoy!




    On 12/8/2020 at 11:21 PM, wvu80 said:


    +1 ^^^


    Well put, my friend.


    One last question please, can i make my system a 5.2.2 then by adding an additional woofer. Will that make the system better, will my receiver support it and what are your thoughts on it ?

  13. On 12/8/2020 at 11:06 PM, inMotionGraphics said:


    The Extra SP2 connections are for an additional zone or surround back speakers. So while you might have 9 or more connections on the back of your receiver, your receiver definitely only has 7 channels of decoding and amplification. So you can switch between these 9 channels in the menu, but you will only ever be able to power up to 7 discrete channels at a time. Which leaves you with the option of doing a 7.1 setup (no Dolby Atmos height channels) or a 5.1.2 setup (with 2 Dolby Atmos height channels).


    So to sum things up for you, you have two scenarios to decide between in my opinion:


    5.1.2 Setup


    If you're happy to only have two Dolby Atmos height channels, which is perfectly fine, then you will keep your RX-V6A, which is an excellent 7 channel AVR, and return the RP-140SA rear atmos speakers. 


    I agree with @wvu80's suggestion to always try and get the best center you can afford, so an upgrade of the center to the: RP-504C is definitely a worthy consideration. For what it's worth, my next speaker upgrade will be to this exact center speaker. While I would love to get the RC-64 III (the best of the best), the matching mains would be the RF7iii's which are at a whole different price level, and likely beyond my reach... 🙂


    5.1.4 Setup


    Alternatively, if you decide you want to go with the full dolby atmos setup (4 atmos height channels) from the get go, then you can keep the RP-140SA for the rear atmos speakers and you will need to exchange your receiver for a 9 channel receiver. Looking at Yamaha's website, it looks like you will need to step up to the RX-A2080 receiver in their Aventage line to get the 9 channels you need. For what it's worth, this is an excellent receiver (I've got the previous year's model RX-A2070), but this might push you beyond your budget. 


    With Denon I think you can usually get more channels at a lower price point, but you really can't go wrong with Yamaha, Denon or Marantz. I would suggest contacting your dealer (or searching online) and comparing the prices of all the 9.2 channel receivers that fit your budget. You are welcome to post your findings here, and those who own the various brands can advise you further.




    Which option you go with will depend entirely on how easy or difficult it is for you to exchange and/or return the gear you have already bought, and most importantly how much you are willing to spend over and above what you've already spent. 


    In an ideal world where there are no issues exchanging and you can afford to invest a bit more money, I would return the receiver and get a 9.2 channel receiver and upgrade the center to the RP-504C, but again, neither of these upgrades are necessary, so don't feel pressured to do this if you don't have the budget. You will get plenty of enjoyment from the gear you've already bought.


    I hope this helps.

    You summarized it so very nicely for me. Thank you so much. This gives me a really good picture, I decided to return the extra atmos speaker and the center speaker to update to  RP-504C and decided to keep the same receiver i have now. I will later buy a good receiver for sure

  14. On 12/8/2020 at 8:14 PM, wvu80 said:


    C'mon man, you know your stuff.  🤜🤛  :cool:




    Just like @billybob said, if you are going from the $600 7.1 to another $600 7.1 of another brand that would be a lateral move, not an upgrade.  I doubt you would hear much difference or gain more features.


    Denon has gotten a lot of love lately and the 9.1 Denon AVR-X3700H has gotten rave reviews at $1200.  If you went with last year's model X3600H which is practically the same at $900, either of those would be a substantial upgrade in sound and features.  You would be moving from an entry level AVR to a mid-level unit.


    Disclaimer:  I have not heard either unit.  Both have a rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon with over 335 reviews.  I tend not to trust Amazon reviews with under 100. 


    I also compare the 5 star ratings vs the 1 star ratings.  I want to see over 70% 5 star and under 10% 1 star.  In this case the 5 star ratings are 80% and the 1-star is 3%.  That is a really high rating for an AVR.


    You might want to PM Cory at @Paducah Home Theater.  He might have those brands or suggest another within your budget amount.  He'll give you advice that is best for you, not just for him.  You could also check with @Scrappydue aka Steve who sells for Paduchah HT.  He also knows his stuff and is a regular here.


    I decided to return the extra atmos speaker and the center speaker to update to  RP-504C and decided to keep the same receiver i have now. Thank you so much these suggestions were great. Can you please suggest me a good 25 feet plus HDMI cable and Jumper cable for my floor speakers please. 

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