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  1. Will do and thanks. I got some thinking to do. Put them to use or sell.
  2. Suggestions and Answers please: I have recently inherited a set of ALK engineering ALK AP12-500 & ES5800. I would like to put them to good use and use them in a new set of Crites Cornscala B type minus Crites crossovers. Will the ALK networks be compatible with the speakers provided by Crites in the CS type B? And or: is there a better speaker/driver selection for said Cornscalas? Thanks for reading and your time.
  3. Looking for a pair of Kg1.5 someone might have laying around collecting dust and are willing to sell. Thanks Dan
  4. Thanks SonicSeeker, I have to say Im a proud owner of a KV4 now. Thanks for your time and replying back, just a few days too late.
  5. May sound crazy: I come across some very nice pair of KLF 30 but would like a smaller center than the KLF C7. What are some good suggestions PLEASE?
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