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  1. Hello all, Above all, I'm not familiar with Internet forums, so please inform me if there is anything inappropriate. And, thank you for your help and advice. Long-story short, I'm now considering having a sound system again. More than 10 years ago, after spending years in a rabbit hole of hifi shopping, somehow I lost all interest, so out of trend now. I want to have things as simple as possible this time. Here's what I am looking for. I'm in SoCal and far from rich, so a listening space is not that big. - 10' x 15' space or 15' x 15' space available - Considering Klipschorn AK6/La Scala AL5/Cornwall IV/RF-7 III - As a modern set-up the closest thing that I know personally is B&W 803 D3. - More precisely I want something better than B&W 702 S2. - Side story - B&W's recent Formation Duo was pleasant surprise - This makes me to believe in simplicity. - Little bit warmer sound but crisp details, and depth description especially for piano parts are what I am looking for. - All my music source would be AIFF / WAV files from CD. - I will use iPhone/iPad/Mac to store and play songs. - I will stay in this way despite some drawbacks. - This speaker is for strictly Classical Music (Piano) and Jazz. - More precisely Artur Rubinstein, Martha Argerich, Richter, Glen Gould, Horowitz / Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck - Again, focused on Piano sound (which is really tricky...) - I would sincerely appreciate any advice, information or insight from your experience. - Randomly, I heard that La Scala AL5 might not have enough bass (though I do not expect this weakness would apply to Classic Music / Jazz). Still if I need to add subwoofer to compensate the sound, I'm more than willing to go for AK6. - I want my set-up to be as simple as possible. (not going to go to the rabbit hole again) - Simply 2speakers (without woofer, hopefully, if this doesn't make day-and night different) + Music Source - Open for any opinion and advice. - If someone has similar tastes in music, please educate me about your other set up. (amp etc, I want to know how other people enjoy their time) - Lastly, if my listening space is too small, please also inform me. - I face this problem when I was dealing with McIntosh. (I need a bigger house to hear the sound I want. ) Again, I really appreciate your thoughts and time. I want to choose the system that I spend my next 20 years. Thank you.
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