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  1. Thanks for the link. Will have to check that as soon as I find some time.
  2. So far so good, no overheating or other signs. But of course I might be ignoring certain signs, since I am fairly new to all this. It seems to me that the previous owner of this HK unit was careful enough. Actually this was the first amplifier I went to see for myself before buying and I have immediately fallen for it. Being an architect and very picky about design I feel everything is well balanced with this model and the finishings are of great quality. Sort of timeless design really. Also it does precisely what I was looking for, no more, no less. Kind of the same for me. This was actually the last thing that came through my mind. At first I was convinced (and sort of afraid) that it was something to do with the turntable, namely the needle. I am relieved now to find out that it is so much more simple than that. Thank you for all the help and tips. I guess I came to stay. Afterall there is plenty to learn and I am just starting. Feels magical to rediscover all the records I have been listening for years on my sony mp3 player (which is quite good). It’s like I had been hanging around people I actually did not know...
  3. Quick reply to give some feedback. Just gave the volume knob a spray of deoxit fader - the only product of this brand I have found in Switzerland; wc-40 seems to be king in here - and the difference is huge. No more erratic behaviour or weird static sound when changing the volume. I just have the feeling that I now have to turn more rightwards to have more volume compared to before, even though this was already happening before deoxit and I am not 100% sure. I have also sprayed a little bit of the function knob (fm, am, phono, etc) and also notice some difference. Hopefully I did not do a silly thing with this knob but I have figured the logic must be the same. Would you advice also applying dioxit on the balance, treble and bass knobs, even though there is nothing strange about them and they are less used?
  4. Hello, Appreciate the welcoming words! Thanks for the tip. I was wondering this might probably be a beginners thing. But what struck me is the way sound changes. I mean, it is not just like the volume level oscillates randomly, but sound also gets distorted, as well as the definition overall. Is it normal? And on a related note, does the same logic apply to other knobs, such as bass or treble? I mean, can they also affect sound similarly and should be deoxidized as well? Thanks once more
  5. Hello, For many years I had wanted to get myself a nice hifi system and start listening to vinyl records, so finally this year I decided to take action and after some research and many questions asked to people around me that are into the subject, I have composed the following setup: - Technics SL-1200 MK2 (circa 1995 production) - Harman Kardon 330b - Tannoy Platinum B6 Only the speakers were bought new, while the turntable and amplifier are second hand. I have started listening to records last September and was very happy with the quality and warmth of the sound, but since one month now the HK is behaving rather oddly, namely the volume control knob. The volume actually seems to jump randomly all the time and it sounds like if a lot of static were accumulating all over the place and messing up with the sound. After having carefully opened the amplifier to do a visual check, everything seems rather normal - even though I am new to all this ! - and there was no trace of dust or strange stuff lying around, so I did not even tried cleaning it. I have also plucked the knobs out and did some light cleaning, but only the usual dust was to be found. I cannot properly verify behind the volume knob inside, as is bellow the sort of metal box containing the radio station meter. I am sure the problem somehow comes from the amplifier, as in the first months I had listened to a couple of records that I know very well and these were playing perfectly. The turntable was sold to me by a producer and we tested everything before buying, so I have no doubt about it. At this point I have plugged out / plugged all the connections (speakers and RCA cables) several times and nothing seems to change. The HK actually belonged to the husband of the lady who sold it to me, as she was getting rid of all his stuff after he died a couple of years ago. Although I have tested it at her place before buying and everything sounded fine, she has no knowledge of this stuff and she even offered me a couple of her vinyl records, so I have decided not to reach to her for the moment and try to solve the problem on my own, also because I bought for a rather cheap price. So before I get rid of it or give it to someone who will repair it, I would like to explore further and would love to have your help. Has anyone here had this same problem? Is it common amongst analog amplifiers generally or rather specific to this model? Anyway I appreciate all the information and help and I can provide all the details / photos required. Thank you in advance : )
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